100 Thieves is making a video game

The field of esports is incredibly competitive. It’s not just about competition in the game, be it in League of Legends, surveillance 2, counter strike global offensiveeither Obligations. Esports organizations compete for players, compete for live streamers to represent their brands, and compete for communities. 100 thieves However, he thinks it’s time to branch out into something different. 100 Thieves has officially announced plans to develop their own video game, codename Project X.


Little or nothing has been said about 100 Thieves Project X at this point in time. The announcement is meant more to confirm that a game is being made than to reveal the game itself. With that said, 100 Thieves mentions several games that will serve as influences for Project X. The list includes call of duty: modern warfare, Gears of warand both halo 2 Y halo 3. While that is not a statement regarding Project X‘s genre certainly implies a focus on shooters, whether first-person or third-person is unclear.

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The other aspect of Project X What 100 Thieves draws attention to is a focus on involving the esports organization and its community in the development of the game. 100 Thieves says it wants to reach out to pro players, live streamers and the 100 Thieves community, taking their input and putting it into the game as it’s made. Exactly how that manifests will be revealed over time, but it is certainly a promise that will be difficult to keep.

100 Thieves is an organization of significant size. It currently has seven different teams for games, including valorant, FortniteY apex legends, with more than 40 players distributed among them. It also employs over 20 creators who stream a variety of content. Needless to say, you have a diverse selection of voices to listen to. Project Xregardless of your gender.

In a statement released by 100 Thieves founder and CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, the former pro gamer says this is the biggest announcement since the organization’s founding in 2017. Developing a game, according to Nadeshot, is the how 100 Thieves continues to push themselves and make a “big move”. He sees game development as the next challenge for him as a creator, the next step on the path from competitive gamer to content creator, to entrepreneur to game developer.

Plans for 100 Thieves in the future are, at the moment, up in the air. Game development is a long process, especially when 100 Thieves develops its staff. It will be years before a real game is made. With 100 thieves‘ communication promise, however, maybe Project X the news will come more regularly.

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