A Pokemon fan uses a 3D printer to make a Pikachu wireless phone charger for his boss

A Pokemon fan with access to a 3D printer creates a custom Pikachu wireless phone charger that cleverly uses Pikachu’s electric cheeks.

A lots of Pokemon fans collect toys, figures, and other collectible items produced for the franchise to decorate their homes or offices. While some are content to collect with the sole intention of adding visual appeal to a room, others prefer collectibles that serve a purpose while also acting as a decorative piece.

An example of this is a Pikachu cell phone charger that was recently shared with the world on social media. The charger is 3D printed and designed to look like Pikachu is charging the device.


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There have certainly been phone chargers produced for the Pokemon previous series, but this is a creative and unique fan take. Redditor deelan1990 shared his 3D printed creation with the world, where a life-size Pikachu can be seen hugging a cell phone. The cell phone is perfectly cradled in Pikachu’s arms, keeping it safe. As any big Pikachu fan knows, Pikachu stores and produces electricity in his cheeks. This print has Pikachu creatively pressing the phone against his cheek, making it look like he is charging the phone directly through physical contact.

Fans were extremely pleased with the print, impressed with the design and production of it. The 3D print is designed to fit an existing wireless mobile charger, allowing fans to use Pikachu as a case that covers it up. This particular print is not for sale as it was made by deelan1990 at the request of his boss. They shared the location of the file so fans can print their own, although some questioned its legality, as downloading the file requires paying a $25 fee to the model’s creator. While fanart generally doesn’t see any criticism, Nintendo has been very tough on those who sell unlicensed products based on their properties.

In any case, he is not the only one. Pokemon charger layout that the creator has available. Fans who prefer Pikachu’s younger self can acquire the files to produce a Pichu charger that similarly hugs the phone against Pikachu’s face. Another Pikachu holding and looking at the phone instead of hugging it is also available.

Pikachu has been seen carrying things for as long as the series has been around, with a team of Pikachu helping to power up a Pokémon Center in the first episode of the series. Pokemon anime All in all, this is a design that unites the creativity of fans with Pokemon canon in a delightful and charming way.

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