Albert Pujols on the mound: Position players we want to see pitch

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That was the grand finale, right?

Just as Bartolo Colón’s iconic home run in 2016 felt like the illogical but magical conclusion for pitchers hitting, future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols, 42, taking the mound on Sunday Night Baseball with the Cardinals winning would seem. be the pinnacle of the position. players throwing.

Can’t get any better than that, right?

Well, a fan can dream. Granted, with the introduction of the universal DH, it will be nearly impossible to see heroism from pitchers in the batter’s box, like Colon’s epic HR. But releasing position players is going to be a thing until MLB institutes some sort of mercy rule.

With that in mind, these are the position players I’d most like to see pitch in some ridiculous situation in the future.

The leyends

*Joey Votto
*Miguel Cabrera
Yadier Molina
*Nelson Cruz
*Robinson Cano

Pujols was the latest and greatest example of a lovable vet taking the mound for the first time in his career in a, shall we say, advanced age, but we’ve seen it before with guys like Ichiro in 2015.

Any of these longtime stars pitching would be wonderfully entertaining, especially Votto, who would surely come up with some kind of hilarious delivery or gimmick that none of us could even fathom.

Superstars who should never pitch, but would be cool to see

*Mike Trout
* Jose Ramirez
*Giancarlo Stanton
*Juan Soto
*Rafael Dever

Perhaps in a decade we could expect to see these guys make a Pujols-esque appearance, but for now, there’s probably no chance of that happening, barring some outrageous scenario where Soto demands to pitch as part of his extension negotiations with the Nationals.

But imagine! Any one of these guys taking the hit would be hilarious and unfathomable.

Superstars with cannons that should never throw, but it would be cool to see

*Bryce Harper
* Fernando Tatis Jr.
* Manny Machado
*Mookie Bets
*Nolan Arenado
*Carlos Correa
* Aaron Judge

It’s also quite hard to imagine this group taking the hill in a beating, like the previous group, these players are replaced in the 7th so they don’t get hurt, but these are also players with exceptional arm strength and immense competitive fire. so I have to imagine they would be proud to show off their respective rockets if given the chance.

Not that Tatis knows how to do anything less than max effort, so it would be a treat to see Bob Melvin call the young shortstop to close out a game.

(Again, this will probably never happen. But what if?)

hunters with cannons

* Francisco Mejia
*Sean Murphy
*Gary Sanchez
* Martin Maldonado
* Jorge Alfaro
*JT Realmuto

This one is pretty self explanatory, as these are the backstops that have consistently displayed ridiculous arm strength when kicking out runners trying to steal. There’s a history of strong-armed receivers turning to the mound (Kenley Jansen and Jason Motte, to name a couple) and it’s hard not to wonder how much these guys could light up a radar gun if they had a chance to let it fly.

Of course, any of these guys taking the mound would also beg the question: Who catches them? Backups, beware!

Not hunters with cannons

*Andrelton Simmons
* Hunter Renfroe
*Joey Gallo
*Alex Verdugo
*Aaron Hicks
*Michael A.Taylor
* Victor Robles
* Matt Chapman
* Ramon Laureano
* Jackie Bradley Jr.

These guys are known for their arm strength on defense, and it would be exciting to see how that translates on the mound. Sure, they can’t jump while throwing — that would be a hindrance — but that doesn’t mean some of these outfielders wouldn’t be throwing mid-’90s cheddar if they got the chance.

Hicks was the gold standard for a while, but it’s unclear if his arm strength has returned to pre-Tommy John levels of ridiculousness.

My favorite of this bunch has to be Robles, who goes by the nickname Victor THROWbles for a reason.

Brett Phillips funny man division

* Andrew McCutchen
*Ozzie Albies
* Franmil Reyes
*Gavin Lux
* Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Brett Phillips has become the gold standard for position players by shooting strictly from a humor standpoint. Could someone top it in terms of sheer performative silliness and make everyone laugh?

I’m skeptical, but these five have a history of being particularly light-hearted and fun on and around the pitch, and I think they could be quite entertaining. If not, at least we can count on Phillips to continue putting on a show.

Jordan Shusterman is half of @CespedesBBQ and baseball writer for FOX Sports. He lives in DC, but he’s a huge Seattle Mariners fan and loves to watch the KBO, which means he doesn’t get much sleep. You can follow him on Twitter @j_shusterman_.

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