Animated chart shows the most popular Pokémon games over time

For 25 years, millions of people have enjoyed Pokémon games, and a Reddit user shows a live graph of the popularity of each game by number of copies sold.

Since 1997, Pokemon it has been a staple in handheld gaming devices for millions of gamers around the world. From pokemon red and blue to the current line of games like Pokémon Legends: ArceusGame Freak and The Pokemon Company have provided fans with over two decades of content.

When it comes to the court of public opinion, everyone has their favourite. Pokemon match. Over two decades will serve many generations of players, adding to the debate of which generation had the best Pokedex lineup, story, and character arcs.


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Reddit user RoboDataOfficial provided a graphic chart in video format highlighting all the main series games released from 1997 to 2022. The games span from the original release of pokemon red and green for pokemon sword and shield but excludes off-the-shelf games like Pokemon trading card game Y Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The chart takes viewers on a journey through 25 years of Pokémon games, showing the number of copies sold and where they land in terms of popularity. RoboDataOfficial is also well known in the YouTube community, where game fans can find abridged versions of its charts via YouTube Shorts.

The only game that remains constant from start to finish is pokemon red and green (either pokemon blue for players outside of Japan), ending the video with 31 million sales. The introductory delivery to the Pokemon The franchise, released in 1997, opened the door for gaming fans with a fun RPG style that was easy to pick up and learn. The second generation, known as Pokémon Gold and Silverfalls far behind in second place with 23.7 million copies sold, with pokemon sword and shield It is not far behind with 23.6 million copies sold. pokemon yellowwhich followed the first generation as an addition to the story and adjustments to the mechanics, it sold 14.4 million copies, making it the ninth best-selling Pokémon game.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, released in 2006, sold 17.3 million copies and is one of the most beloved generations of any Pokémon game. Its popularity made it the best-selling Pokémon game at the time, selling three million units in the first 46 days. Subtle changes and new additions to the Pokedex impressed Pokemon fans to the point that 16 years later, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company released new versions of the generation and released it on the Nintendo Switch. While remakes of each available generation did not fare as well on the sales charts as their original forms, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire managed to sneak into the top five with just under 14 million. The original race Pokémon Ruby and Sapphirereleased in 2002, it sold 16 million copies, as did pokemon x and y.

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