Apex Legends Season 13 Release Breaks Battle Royale Steam Player Record

Earlier this week, Respawn Entertainment released the thirteenth season of apex legends. The update included a major weapon rebalancing, a rework of Ranked Reloaded from apex legends‘ competitive queue and a new Legend called Newcastle, among other things. It’s a solid addition to apex legends, and apparently it’s exactly what gamers have been waiting for. That is because apex legends just broke its record for concurrent players on Steam with the launch of Season 13.


apex legends Admittedly, it has been on a roll in 2022. Season 12 launched on February 8 and demolished the previous Battle Royale record for concurrent players on Steam. The record jumped from over 330,000 concurrent players to over 390,000. The release of season 13 has taken apex legends one step further. While not as big of a jump as Season 12 was, it broke the previous record by pulling in an impressive total of over 410,000 concurrent players.

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The record on Steam was broken on Wednesday, May 11. That momentum carried over to Thursday, which also hit an impressive number, totaling more than 393,000. apex legends it may even break the record again as the weekend approaches, as Steam’s user base tends to increase on both Saturday and Sunday. But even if the cap for the current season ends up at 410,000 players, Respawn should consider it an incredible achievement and just the latest in a series of impressive developments.

While the record itself is impressive, what’s even more exciting for Respawn Entertainment is that apex legends has continued to grow, at least on PC, since its release in 2019. apex legends it only came to Steam in late 2020, so its back issues aren’t available. At that time, however, apex legends was reduced to just 110,000 players. By February 2021, apex legends it had risen to 190,000, followed by a massive spike on Steam to 330,000 in May.

Another way that apex legends is gaining momentum in content creation. apex legends is in the process of overtaking Fortnite as the most viewed Battle Royale on streaming services like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. That is certainly helping to increase player numbers.

Respawn has no plans to leave apex legendsThe momentum ends here, either. The mobile version of apex legends is planned to release later this month, which could bring the battle royale to millions more players than ever before. Y apex legends as it is now you will only get more and more content as well. Respawn is just getting started.

apex legends is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a mobile release coming May 17.

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