Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile Game Codenamed “Project Aurora” Revealed

Activision has revealed that a new Call of Duty game is coming to mobile devices. Dubbed “Project Aurora,” the upcoming title is a battle royale that aims to offer “a new way to play.” The studio announced the big news on its website, writing that this would be the first of regular updates as the game develops.

While the game was rumored earlier this year after Activision posted a hiring announcement on the official Call of Duty website, this is the studio’s first confirmation of the game. The upcoming project apparently aims to bring the Call of Duty: Warzone experience to mobile devices. The team states that their mission is to unite “a global community of diverse gamers with a high-quality, accurate, fast-paced battle royale action experience that offers a new way to play.”

According to the post, the Project Aurora team has already started testing the game, but don’t expect to see or hear anything about the game any time soon. The closed alpha is reportedly “limited in size” and the select few who are playing are prohibited from publicly sharing any details about the game.

“The closed alpha is limited in size and with it we’re looking to just start fine-tuning, stress testing matches, identifying and fixing bugs, as well as gathering feedback and feedback on all aspects of the game as new features come out.” “. the Aurora Project team wrote. “Participants in the Closed Alpha will not be sharing details publicly, but we will start posting updates here. As development increases, so will the frequency of posts.”

The post then goes on to say that more people will be added as the game reaches certain development milestones. At this time, however, the content within the alpha is still subject to change. According to the team, the current test is primarily a way to assess “large-scale battle royale gameplay on mobile devices.”

For those of you in the closed alpha (lucky you!), the Project Aurora team has provided some updates. First of all, be aware that your progress not transfer to the finished game and is subject to removal “at any time”. Also, if you run into any technical difficulties, the team says to use the in-game channels to provide feedback.

In Call of Duty: Warzone news, the King Kong vs. Godzilla’s limited-time game, Operation Monarch, has just begun. Additionally, the game has just received a patch that changes the sounds your operator makes while moving, among other things.

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