CoD: Warzone Receives Mixed Reviews For Godzilla And Kong Event As Some Are Left Disappointed

Call of Duty Season 3’s Operation Monarch event launched in Warzone on May 11, bringing Godzilla and King Kong to Caldera. Some players enjoy the Monsterverse event, but others are disappointed and feel cheated with the use of Operation Monarch titans.

Operation Monarch is a limited time mode, allowing players to engage in a mostly typical Battle Royale experience with a Monsterverse twist. Godzilla and King Kong are active on the map, but many players are upset that the two titans never collide or come close. Instead of the Titans fighting each other, players can choose to attack Godzilla and King Kong to earn additional gear in the match. Players can even use Godzilla’s heat ray breath or King Kong’s rush attack as a kill streak.

“So this part was just complete clickbait,” says one Redditor user, who posted a screenshot of the Operation Monarch trailer that suggested Godzilla and King Kong would be fighting during the event.

Prominent streaming personalities criticized the event on Twitter, with NickMercs calling the event horrible and also point out that the two titans don’t even fight. Activision never expressed that Godzilla and King Kong would fight each other, but some gamers clearly felt that the trailers suggested a fight would occur.

While some high-profile streamers and gamers are criticizing the event, others are having fun with Operation Monarch and capturing some entertaining clips. Twitter user CharlieH411 shared the airplane gameplay of him getting a King Kong’s quick air kick.

“Operation Monarch did what they set out to do, which is a W,” says YouTuber JGOD on Twitter. “Godzilla and Kong feel present on the map for all players throughout the match. The biggest drawback I see is that they don’t interact even in a cutscene after a victory. Better than the train event 100%.”

Of course JGOD too tweeted his agreement that the biggest problem seems to be that the marketing of the event had created false expectations. “Each trailer promoted a battle, but that just didn’t happen.”

On the plus side, Operation Monarch is at least restricted to a limited-time playlist, and players can still choose to play regular Battle Royale matches in Caldera. For last year’s Festive Fervor Christmas event, the Krampus mini-boss was unavoidable on every playlist. Also, this is a great playlist for players to level up their weapons with, as dual weapon XP is currently active in the Operation Monarch playlist.

The Operation Monarch event is scheduled to run through May 25, and here we break down the full details of Operation Monarch and the event rewards. The Season 3 Mid-Season Update is just around the corner, and here’s everything we know about the upcoming updates for Warzone and Vanguard.

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