EA reveals plans to release four unannounced games in early 2023

EA is up to pretending we don’t know what your “Partner Title” is.

EA has revealed its game slate for the upcoming fiscal year, as the publisher has four unannounced titles due for Q4. These games have been listed in the “Q4” section of their presentation, all of which are disguised under various code names. Included in the lineup is a “Main IP” and a “Remake”, as well as a “Partner Title” and a “Sports Game”. EA clarifies that all of these titles have not been “publicly revealed”, hence the code names.

Thanks to various leaks, we know that one of these titles is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, which has to be the worst kept secret in the gaming industry right now. Industry insider Jeff Grubb recently claimed that the title had slipped to 2023 and would release exclusively for PC and next-gen consoles. Today’s news that EA plans to release a “Partner Title” certainly backs up Grubbs’ claims.


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One of the most curious parts of the slide is that EA apparently has plans to release a “Remake” in 2023, although it does not say exactly what it will be. Motive Studios recently announced that the upcoming Dead Space Remake will be released in early 2023, which is what EA is probably referring to, but it’s strange that the publisher doesn’t acknowledge it since it’s already been “publicly revealed”.

As for the “Main IP” and “Sports Game”, that’s where the guessing gets a little trickier. Industry insider Tom Henderson believes the sports title will be a new college football game published by EA, although this is not confirmed. The “main IP” could be anything, though, but there’s a chance it could be the long-awaited Skate reboot, whose alpha material was recently leaked.

It’s also worth noting that EA also mentions Need For Speed ​​and has apparently confirmed that a new game will be released by the end of the year. Henderson recently claimed that EA has a new entry scheduled to release in September or October of this year, and it appears that the publisher has now confirmed a Q3 release.

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