Elden Ring survey reveals Caelid is the most memorable location

A recent Elden Ring poll reveals that fans found Caelid the most memorable area, but it might not be memorable for all the right reasons.

for most elden ring players, every race is different. From making a different Tarnished using the in-game character creator, to using different elden ring classes to defeat bosses, there are a multitude of ways players can ensure that no two experiences within FromSoftware’s latest action RPG are ever the same. However, a recent poll has tried to combine as many opinions from elden ring fans as possible, giving the gaming world some answers about the game’s most popular features.


The survey had responses from around 1,700 people on a variety of topics around elden ring. The survey included responses to players’ favorite Spirit Ashes, bosses, and more. Specifically, one poll result that fans found interesting was that Caelid stood out as the most memorable area in elden ring. For many, it was important to note that memorable doesn’t mean favorite, and Caelid was probably memorable for the wrong reasons.

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For many players, Caelid in elden ring marks one of the toughest areas in the game, filled with terrifying monsters, flaming zombies, and swamps. Swamps are well-known and quite despised by fans of FromSoftware titles, as it seems every game designed by the famous developer will feature at least one area filled with poisonous gases and a swampy atmosphere. While Caelid makes for some horrible experiences, especially for newer elden ring players, still managed to leave a mark on the community.

In the poll, Caelid’s victory as the most memorable area was closely followed by Limgrave, the opening location in elden ring. The third most memorable place was marked as Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Following questions about the areas to be explored in elden ring, it was revealed which was the most popular starting class in the game. Despite a lot of sekiro fans marching the Samurai class to second place, the Vagabond was the most popular starting class in elden ring. Fans said that the Vagabond came out on top due to its focus on stamina and stamina, which were also the highest priority stats.

Ranni the Witch was the most memorable NPC in elden ring, which was not a surprise to many fans. Ranni has proven to be an incredibly popular character from FromSoftware’s most recent title, with one fan recently creating an intricate figure of the witch out of foil. Ranni has also appeared in many other pieces of elden ring fan art too.

elden ring It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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