Fallout London Gets Gameplay Trailer Showing Protagonist, New Enemies, and More

A Fallout 4 mod taking the game to London, England, reveals its first gameplay trailer, giving fans the first look at their new protagonist.

fallout is a series that traditionally uses destroyed versions of well-known American locations as its settings. However, in 2019, one modder wondered what the game series would be like if fallout traveled across the pond and went to Britain. Specifically, one ambitious mod looks to redefine Fallout 4 and put the player directly in London after it has barely endured the nuclear apocalypse from the series. While some fans may believe that a fallout game set in London will just be a regular entry in the series but with fewer guns and more tea, there are some major differences in the franchise’s lore between the UK and USA.


Vault-Tec in fallout, for example, the company that creates the vaults that protagonists find themselves wandering through or spawning in, did not make its way to the UK before the nuclear apocalypse began. Also, the Forced Evolutionary Virus that created creatures like Super Mutants and Deathclaws did not reach London either. This means that compared to Fallout 4 and other entries in the series, Fallout London’s setting will be vastly different, as shown in its new gameplay trailer.

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The trailer comes in at a lengthy 18 minutes, showing off some background of Fallout London’s lore before giving players a look at their new protagonist. considering Fallout London is giving players a traditional fallout experience, they can customize their characters as they see fit. Like Fallout 4’s protagonist, who is known as the Wanderer, Fallout London’s main character also has a moniker, the Wayfarer. Character creation is mostly skipped through in the gameplay reveal, in order to display more of the impressive work that has gone into this huge mod. When viewing the footage, it is easy to see why Bethesda hired one of the Fallout London modders.

The Wayfarer starts their fallout journey into a mysterious facility that seems like a twisted version of a vault. They encounter two fully voice-acted NPCs before escaping the premises. Afterwards, the player is introduced to Mr. Smythe, who appears on a large screen, giving off a 1984 vibe. Outside the facility is what appears to be a London Underground or tube station, which is eerily empty. It seems that the player in Fallout London will be able to use the city’s subway system similarly to the protagonist in the Meter series of first person shooter games.

Fallout London doesn’t have an official release date as yet, but at the moment it is stated that the playable area in the mod is the same size as that of Fallout 4. This will mean that Fallout London will be remove the hefty download for users on PC. However, it could be the single-player experience fallout fans have wanted since the disaster launch of Fallout 76.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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