Fans doubt if we need a new version of ‘The Last Of Us’

the last of us remake news

Credit: Naughty Dog

PlayStation fans question the need for a new version of The last of us after a video game expert claimed that one would be coming later this year.

ICYMI: Bloomberg reported in April last year that Naughty Dog was working on a remake of its hit PlayStation 3 game for PlayStation 4, even though the original was first released in June 2013.

The project has not yet been officially confirmed by the video game studio. But GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb said on a recent episode of the A little fun Gamescast via video game chronicle I had heard on multiple occasions that the game would come out this year. He added that he was “sure” it would be released over the holiday period.

Following the news, fans shared their thoughts on whether we needed a remake of a game that came out less than a decade ago. Especially when Naughty Dog had already released a remaster and when the original aged like fine wine in the current political apocalypse.

Black Girl Gamers creator Megabyte Megan said in a Tweet that she wished the studio would spend its time creating new games instead of remaking old ones.

“Why The last of us need a new version [?] The 2013 and 2014 remaster was fine. Hopefully they can make new games.”

Another user had a more provocative response to the claims.

The last of us remake is probably the stupidest [and] most unnecessary remake nobody fucked[g] requested but i will absolutely play it when it comes out[.]”

One player seemed to suggest that Sony had too much faith in the appeal of a new version of Joel and Ellie’s story.

“It seems that Sony really believes that everyone is going to lose their minds when The last of us the remake is announced. I think you personally will be in for a nasty surprise. I’ve seen zero hype for a [The] The last of us Redo. Mainly because the original is still considered pretty perfect.”

Others said they were interested in the new version.

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