FIFA will work with other developers after parting ways with EA

With EA Sports ending its association with the well-known soccer entity, FIFA now plans to work with various developers on new game titles.

As the year continues with fifa22, it is now clear that the EA brand associated with the beloved football franchise will be a thing of the past. The partnership between the two entities is officially done, as Electronic Arts officially ended its deal with FIFA to focus on rebranding for a new soccer title.

It’s a move that has been speculated on for months, with rumors circulating following FIFA’s demands for $1 billion from EA every four years to retain the FIFA brand. A title change was in the air at the same time, with ea sports fc becoming a registered trademark by the company prior to any confirmation of termination of a partnership.


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As EA Sports transitions into a new era of football gaming, FIFA is striking a chord of its own by looking for new third-party developers to work with. Rumors are emerging that FIFA plans to work on future soccer games, along with other non-sim games, with some already in the works and scheduled for an announcement in Q3 2022. While the high price tag for Retaining the FIFA brand is ultimately the issue that created the rift between the two companies, with FIFA President Gianni Infantino promising that the new soccer game brand likely to take the world by storm will contain the FIFA brand.

Along with plans for multiple non-sim projects outside of FIFA, it has also given EA a short-term extension to release a new fifa23 title later this year, which plans to host the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup competitions at the same time. EA has also stated that it has agreements with the English Premier League and UEFA for future deliveries of its ea sports fc Mark. The new extension with EA SPORTS grants rights only for the football simulation category, allowing FIFA and any third-party game developers to produce and release new non-sports related games.

The new licensing model is non-exclusive and stems from lengthy discussions between EA Sports and FIFA, specifically about the future of FIFA in the gaming world. FIFA plans to work with multiple partners rather than settle with one publisher to avoid getting locked into another long-term deal. FIFA is currently engaged with multiple publishers, investors and media companies to develop a new soccer simulation game, scheduled for release in 2024. Infantino added that future strategies will revolve around ensuring the best overall experience on all the games released by the company to please its customers. player base fifa23which is currently in development, is rumored to be released during the summer of 2023.

fifa23 It is currently in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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