Final Fantasy 14 image is a good reminder to always make sure there is room in your inventory

Grinding in any game to acquire rare loot is a difficult and challenging task, although perhaps not as challenging as when playing a multiplayer title. MMORPG like final fantasy 14 are an example of online game titles that require commitment and focus from the entire player group to be successful, especially when participating in a final fantasy 14 Raid.

Unfortunately, these fights don’t always end in success, and many don’t reward players with the expected loot if there’s only a chance it will drop. However, sometimes it’s the player’s fault when he doesn’t get the reward he expected.


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Such was the case in final fantasy 14, as shared by user MLTBlackDragon on Reddit. The player shared a simple screenshot showing the results of Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate Raid, where players are tasked with facing an even stronger version of some of to the skyThe toughest enemies. Doing so rewards players with an excellent piece of loot, the Dragonsong Token. However, that is the exact drop the player missed.

As you can see in the screenshot, the problem is that the player’s inventory was full when the token was scheduled to be delivered. As a result, the token was lost, which is particularly heartbreaking when players consider that the tokens can be exchanged for some of the best weapons in the world. final fantasy 14and that they are limited to one drop per week.

Some criticized the player, wondering how they were able to finish the fight without thinking about clearing at least some space in their inventory first. Inventory management often becomes an important part of RPGs, especially when battles tend to overload the player’s inventory with random drops they may not want or even need. In any case, it was surely a mistake on the part of the player, and it is likely that they will be very careful to avoid it in the future.

Others defended the player and criticized final fantasy 14 by the way its drops work, instead. Other games, such as other MMORPGs world of warcraft, make sure drops given to a player are sent to a drop box if the player doesn’t have room to receive them. This ensures that no matter what state the player’s inventory is in, they will get the loot they deserve.

final fantasy 14 it has completely revamped itself into a smash hit after its disastrous original release, and has managed to win over a significant number of players who used to call Azeroth home. However, there is always room for further improvement, and this is one place where final fantasy 14 could use some tweaking.

final fantasy 14 It is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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