Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Release Window Confirmed

Final Fantasy 7’s upcoming mobile gacha spinoff, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, reveals its release window for later this year.

Announced alongside a host of other related titles Final Fantasy 7: New Version, Final Fantasy 7: Always Crisis is one of the most curious projects under the Square Enix banner. Unlike the HD remake for console and PC, this game is an episodic take on the original JRPG on mobile that aims to give fans a more authentic experience. It revisits the classic visuals from the original game with a modernized version, but it will have more action-based combat similar to Final Fantasy 7: New Version. Not only that, Final Fantasy 7: Always Crisis will cover all the games in the timeline, including spin-offs like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Kidsand even Funeral song of Cerberus.


Like other mobile games, FF7: Always Crisis It will feature a gacha system, which contains loot boxes containing random weapons. Some of these weapons will be special and will come in certain costume sets that were not in the original game. That said, the episodes themselves will be free to download at each release, and will contain not only retellings, but also various original stories that take place within the game’s universe. This includes delving into the backstories of certain characters in games like FF7: The First Soldier. A recent report confirms that fans can start playing this game this fall.

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In a financial report from CyberAgent, courtesy of Gamebiz, it is stated that the game will be released sometime in 2022 and, more specifically, in its fiscal year. The interior materials indicate that Final Fantasy 7: Always Crisis will target a late September 2022 release, though only this projected window has been confirmed. No specific release date has been indicated in this report.

East FF7 The mobile spin-off seems to be quite a big deal, as the original game’s countdown is expected to take up ten chapters, with the escape from Midgar coming in the third chapter. The game will also feature a mode where players can take on bosses and other special challenges using their “dream party”, which allows for fights that weren’t possible in the original sources.

The release of this mobile spin-off, according to Tetsuya Nomura, will link all previous Compilation of games. final fantasy 7 with a unifying common ground. This is especially helpful for new fans, as some of these games haven’t been ported to modern systems, though Nomura has noted that these aren’t complete replacements for the originals. He also states that he has received requests to port the Compilation games to current platforms.

Final Fantasy 7 Always Crisis is looking to release in late September 2022 on iOS and Android devices.

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Source: Gamebiz (via Siliconera)

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