For Pride Month, Target is selling compression shirts and packing underwear

Ahead of Pride Month, Target has announced new collaborations with two LGBTQ+ clothing designers. The TomboyX and Humankind brands will bring limited-edition, gay-friendly options to Target shelves.

LGBTQ+ people deserve a wider selection of underwear and swimwear. Most clothing brands create underwear and swimwear in separate “male” and “female” categories. For example, swimwear is often limited to shorts marketed for men, while bikinis or form-fitting one-pieces are marketed for women.

TomboyX makes comfortable underwear for people of all genders. Mankind sells swimwear such as swim tops and shorts. Both brands help LGBTQ+ customers feel more comfortable with themselves. Customers can find TomboyX clothing online and in select stores throughout the month of May. Target plans to start selling Humankind apparel on May 25.

What can buyers expect from these collections? TomboyX has compression tops (a more comfortable option to lace up your chest), packable underwear, and other undergarments like boxers and briefs. Sizes range from S – 4X.

Chest binders are designed to compress a person’s chest to make it appear flatter. Packing underwear allows a person to use a phallic or stuffed object to create the appearance of having a bulge in the front of their pants. This underwear empowers transgender and non-binary people to present their bodies in the way that feels most authentic to their gender identity.

Many customers are excited to see these items in a big box store. This is the first time Target has stocked compression caps on the shelves. Shoppers usually have to buy compression tops from specialty online stores, which can be expensive. When shopping online, it can also be difficult to find the right size. Chest girdles must be worn snug over the torso. However, compression shirts should not be too tight or they can cause skin irritation and restrict breathing. Now that these garments are available (albeit for a limited time) at Target, customers can physically hold the garment against their body or stretch the fabric to test for stretch. When LGBTQ+ customers can interact with this underwear, they can more easily determine which size will work best for them.

The TomboyX and Humankind collaborations may reduce some of the barriers LGBTQ+ teens face when trying to shop for gender-appropriate underwear or swimwear. Young people may not be able to buy clothes online without using their parents’ debit card. If a young man lives in a home that is not supportive, he may not communicate with members of his family. Now, young people can more discreetly shop for compression tops or other underwear at Target.

Chest binders and underwear to pack can help some people feel more secure. However, your identity is valid no matter what swimsuits or underwear you wear. If you don’t feel safe enough to go out, you can contact the Trevor Project or local health centers for guidance and support.

Target’s Pride collections can validate transgender and non-binary people who are exploring which clothing options best align with their gender identity. The retailer has taken a big step toward equitable fashion, but many LGBTQ+ shoppers argue that gender-affirming swimwear and underwear should be on store shelves year-round.

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