Halo Infinite announcer Jeff Steitzer details how he works at 343 Industries

For many fans of halo: infinity, the voice lines delivered by the multiplayer announcer, Jeff Steizer, are as iconic as the firing of a plasma pistol or even the Master Chief himself. In a recent episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, Jeff Steizer reflects on his work with 343 Industries, his time at infinity haloand what positive feedback from fans over the years has meant to him.

Jeff Steizer has been the announcer of the aura franchise since 2001 Halo: Combat Evolved when the stage actor auditioned believing he would voice the Master Chief before being cast in his now-iconic role. Over the years, fans have come to love Steizer’s voice work and clamored for his return amid rumors that Jeff would not reprise the role of him in the lead up to infinity haloLiberation of . As an irreplaceable part of aura and beloved voice actor, Jeff Steitzer can often be found on Cameo delivering fan-requested lines on the aura announcer style.


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Steitzer was a recent guest on the Xbox Expansion Podcast, where he and host Luke Lohr had an in-depth discussion about his work with 343 Industries and anything and everything. aura. Reflecting on his time working at the aura games, Steizer states that the recording sessions have been “for the most part extremely enjoyable… we had a few bumps when 343 took over”. Later the dubbing actor would detail that the takeover of 343 Industries of the aura The franchise saw the company micromanaging its voice work more than in previous titles, and somewhat changing the delivery of Steizer’s lines. However, as 343 Industries has evolved over the years, Steizer claims that the voice recording sessions of the last few infinity halo they’ve been “great… they kind of let me do things… they’re very, very reasonable.”

Throughout the interview, Steizer’s voice works on aura is not the only topic of discussion. Finally, the theme of aura a TV show comes up, with Steizer stating that he would love to make a cameo appearance on the show at some point, but has not yet been contacted for an opportunity. In addition, the voice actor shares that he has never been sent an Xbox despite working with Microsoft for 20 years, he only receives copies of the aura games after completion. Looking to the future, Steizer says that he would be open to his iconic voice lines being used in aura matches after his death.

It doesn’t take much to realize why Jeff Steizer has become one of the fan-favorite personalities among aura fans. Steizer frequently reiterates how rewarding and humbling it is to hear fans declare that he is the voice of his childhood and how much he enjoys doing voice work for the shooter franchise. In the final minutes of the interview, Stezier thanks all the fans who have enjoyed the aura games over the last 20 years, declaring that “they are the stars of this company”. Fans can reach out to Jeff Steizer on Cameo or Facebook.

infinity halo It is available now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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