Hololive’s Used Pekora Takes a Break to Fix Health Issues

Hololive’s Used Pekora Takes a Break to Fix Health Issues

One of Hololive’s most well-known VTubers, Usada Pekora, will be taking a months-long hiatus to fix some of the streamer’s health issues. Peko talked about his throat problems on his final broadcast for some time on May 14.

Used Pekora is one of the most synonymous names of Hololive. The chaotic rabbit debuted almost three years ago and hasn’t stopped since.

Since then, she has broken milestones on YouTube and been one of the faces of VTube’s rapid rise. However, just before her big 2 million subscriber celebration, Peko is taking a break from most activities as she battles health issues.

The broadcaster opened up about them on a May 14 broadcast, explaining how constant broadcasting and acting has caused damage to the vocal cords over time.

“The damage has gotten worse over time,” he said according to a translation. “My throat is still dry even after resting. Previously I went to a well-known hospital and was told that I have a nodule on my vocal cords.

“Some of you may be wondering what a vocal cord nodule is. There are vocal cords in your throat and they are normally closed. If you talk, they bump into each other. A nodule then forms when they bump into each other too much and don’t close properly. This makes my throat dry when there is a gap, my doctor told me.”

The VTuber star says it can take up to two months to recover “if I rest and take the medicine and listen to what the doctor says.” Risking nothing, he takes an indefinite break until he fully recovers.

However, she is not going to disappear from the Internet. Peko promised to keep fans informed on Twitter, maybe upload some short videos from time to time, and also keep up with her pre-planned activities.

“There are some projects and recordings that are already planned, so I will commit to them,” he added.

“I’m not sure how long it will take, but I want to get back as soon as possible. It may take a month or two, so I’ll upload short videos during the holidays so you don’t get bored. You won’t forget about me, will you?

However, at the same time, Peko said that she will not fully return until she is fully recovered. So if recovery takes longer than expected, expect to see Peko out of action for a while yet.

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