How to get whetstone in V Rising

V Rising challenges players in different ways. From simply learning the mechanics of the game to attempting to establish a fully functioning castle, players have everything they need in the world of Vardoran. Fortunately, many of your objectives in V Rising will overlap each other. The game has designed its quest system to act this way, allowing players to accomplish one goal in order to start another. One of the best examples is allowing players to build a starting base and then upgrade it with different items. A necessary addition to any foundation is the roof, which cannot be crafted without a whetstone.

While the whetstone serves other purposes in V Rising, you’ll mostly need it to craft roof tiles for your starting base and eventual castle. Early in the game, the only way to acquire a whetstone is to find it in the world. Later on, you will be able to create your own whetstone, but that won’t be until you complete other quests. For now, you want to focus on which areas can produce a whetstone so that you can at least have a roof over your head to keep out the dangerous sun.

We’ve rounded up the best places to pick up a whetstone and how to eventually craft one yourself in the guide below.

find whetstones

The easiest and perhaps the earliest location where you can find whetstones is Bandit Strongholds. These are points of interest on the map, which are marked with yellow circles. Of course, not every point of interest will be the Bandit Stronghold, but there are a couple in the starting region of Farbane Woods. You’ll need to head north a few hundred meters to stumble upon the Bandit Strongholds and other Bandit camps. Once you do, you can take out the bandits who are there to loot their bodies. These same bandits could drop whetstones, so make sure you take out as many as possible.

In the location itself, there will be various lootable items scattered on the ground and other parts of the fortress or camp. You will usually be able to pick up a few whetstones, though some locations may contain more or fewer resources. Additionally, you can also find resources like paper, copper ore, and more. With an inventory full of whetstones, you can head back to your base and begin construction on your roof. However, you must have completed the prerequisite quests that give you access to the roof tiles recipe.

Manufacture of whetstones

After a while in V Rising, you will be able to create your own whetstones. The crafting recipe is tied to the boss Grayson the Armorer. If you open the Blood Altar menu and scroll down, you will see that this boss has a level requirement of level 27. This means that you will not be able to beat the boss until he reaches this specific gear score.

If you are level 27, you can travel to the Bandit Armory in Farbane Woods to find Grayson the Armorer. By defeating the boss, you will unlock the Crimson Aegis power along with the ability to craft whetstones, statues, and workshop floors. The recipe for crafting a whetstone is as follows:

  • 1 copper ingot
  • 12 stone dust

These materials shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire at this stage of the game. To craft the whetstone from these materials, you can interact with the furnace inside your base. Transfer both materials to the oven and leave it to make the whetstones. With more whetstones, you can start upgrading your castle by more significant margins. This is done primarily by crafting stone bricks, which turn your wooden base into a real castle.

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