Hulu users get the benefit of free Game Pass on PC

Users of the Hulu streaming service can claim a new free perk as part of their subscription, but only for a limited time.

Users who subscribe to Hulu have a new advantage to look forward to. The streaming service, which is majority owned by Disney, has announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to offer xbox game pass for PC for a limited time.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s video game streaming service and allows gamers to download a catalog of games for a monthly cost. The Redmond company recently announced that 25 million gamers are currently subscribed to the service. The offer entitles users to more than 100 PC games, ranging from AAA titles like infinity halo Y Microsoft Flight Simulator to smaller independent titles. Game Pass PC also includes EA Play, which offers titles published by EA, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Y crazy 22, and is included in the Hulu deal.


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As highlighted on Hulu’s Instagram account, anyone who is currently a Hulu subscriber can claim three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC at no additional cost. This is done through the Friends with Benefits tab within the user account. As usual with offers of this type, the terms and conditions are specific and there are some important caveats to be aware of. The benefit only applies to new Xbox Game Pass for PC subscriptions. Those who want to use Game Pass Ultimate, or who want to use Game Pass on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles will not be able to take advantage of the offer.

This is only available to Hulu subscribers in the US, and once the offer period expires, the plan will automatically renew at the standard monthly cost of $9.99. For Game Pass users without a Hulu subscription, this will be disappointing as it’s only a one-way deal.

The offer is valid through July 23 and includes full access to the current lineup along with any new games added to the service during the offer period. It’s worth noting that Bethesda’s big summer game red fall will disappear after suffering a delay until 2023.

Xbox is looking to cement Game Pass as the go-to video game service, and the timing of this Hulu deal couldn’t be better. Sony will relaunch the PlayStation Plus service in the coming weeks and include a revamped streaming service. As Sony will offer titles from all generations of PlayStation consoles, Xbox will be looking to attract new users who are new to the service rather than relying on existing players.

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