Hunter Biden’s Hollywood lawyer mocks backlash against Trump allies

The hollywood lawyer working with Hunter Biden has enlisted a team of more than 30 attorneys and investigators to investigate the back story of how a laptop containing years of personal and intimate emails and business records found its way to news reporters and authorities.

The effort led by Kevin Morris, a maverick entertainment attorney best known for crafting a 9-figure settlement for the creators of the animated series “South Park,” appears to be part of an attempt to mitigate the impact of an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter. Biden’s tax records and business dealings.

Morris and his team have been circulating provocative slides teasing an upcoming narrative against political attacks on the president’s son. An ongoing Republican-led investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings is expected to escalate if the party seizes control of the House or Senate and gains subpoena power. Republicans say the investigation is aimed at determining whether Hunter Biden’s job created any conflict for his father as a US senator, vice president or presidential candidate.

Both Hunter Biden and his father have maintained that they never communicated about the younger Biden’s business dealings, which included serving on the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy company and dealing in China, work that has come under scrutiny for the past few years. years.

Morris’s team includes investigators on the ground in Delaware, attorneys in multiple states and forensic analysts trying to determine if malicious content was added to Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has become the source of investigative reports and political attacks on the president’s son.

But at least initially, the effort seems less focused on the contents of the laptop than how it appeared in the first place. Based on Morris’s slides, several of which were seen by CBS News, the attorney’s team of investigators is attempting to retrace the path of Biden’s laptop and determine how it passed through the hands of Trump’s political opponents. Biden. Much remains to be learned about how the young Biden’s personal computer and its contents became public.

What is known of how the laptop appeared publicly goes back to Delaware computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, who provided his account in interviews and has plans to publish a book about the ordeal. The store owner said Hunter Biden left the laptop for repairs in 2019 and never returned. In an excerpt from a book published in the New York Post, he described how he had seen some of its contents and determined that the material should be shared with authorities. In a subsequent legal case, the store owner said he turned the computer over to the FBI and also turned over a copy to a representative of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

In a two-hour interview with CBS News Shortly after the story broke, the computer store owner noticed that his vision was impaired and that he was never able to clearly see the person leaving the laptop. At the time, he struggled to answer key questions about how the laptop ended up in his store and contradicted himself about his motivations for handing over the unit.

In the final weeks of the campaign, the contents of the laptop, which the New York Post alleges are Hunter Biden’s emails and photos – became a centerpiece of Trump’s political attacks on his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. Controversy surrounding the laptop grew as Biden tried to cast doubt on its authenticity, even as several major media outlets confirmed that some files on the hard drive were real.

Hunter Biden has never given a clear answer to the question of whether he left his computer at the Delaware shop for repair. In 2021, Hunter Biden told CBS News that he “really” didn’t know if the laptop he dropped off at the repair shop was his. “Could be I got hacked,” he said. “It could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

Morris’s efforts on behalf of Hunter Biden involve searching for alternative chain-of-custody accounts for the laptop and multiple copies of his hard drive, a source with Morris’s team told CBS News. The slides describe this as a “contextualized theory” of what happened a year earlier, in 2019, when Hunter Biden left his computer in the office of Keith Ablow, a Massachusetts therapist Hunter Biden visited for help with drug addiction. drugs. The slides do not make a direct accusation against Ablow, but do appear to question whether Ablow might have shared the computer with Trump associates.

Ablow, a former Fox News contributor who has been noted for publicly mixing his psychiatric evaluations with his right-wing political views, declined to comment for this report. A source familiar with the events told CBS News that Morris’s theory does not match Ablow’s “previous descriptions of his actions.”

While Ablow acknowledged that Hunter Biden left his laptop in a bungalow attached to his office in 2019, the source said that Ablow has made it clear that it never facilitated any sort of leak of the material on it, and actually made repeated efforts to persuade Hunter Biden to do it. recover the computer from him. The source said Ablow then contacted Hunter Biden’s attorney to facilitate his prompt return. The source added that Ablow said he never looked at or accessed the laptop, which was password protected.

Morris seems to be framing the whole question of what happened as a Hollywood that did it. Graphic depictions of him hint that the laptop was cloned and passed between a cast of characters that includes various Trump advisers. However, the slides offer nothing in terms of proof. Instead, they feature cartoon art and contain a classic movie trailer: “Coming Soon!”

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