Jeff Bezos Doubles Down on Biden Feud: “What’s in Tycoons’ Drinking Water These Days?”

Jeff Bezos dealt another blow to the Biden administration’s efforts to rein in the country’s inflation this week as part of a growing feud between the second-richest man on Earth and the White House.

“Look, a squirrel! This is the White House statement on my latest tweets. They understandably want to muddy the issue,” the Amazon founder wrote in response to a statement issued by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue spokesman Andrew Bates.

“They know that inflation hurts the most needy the most. But unions are not causing inflation and neither are rich people,” Bezos wrote.

“Remember, the administration went to great lengths to add another $3.5 BILLION to federal spending. They failed, but if they had succeeded, inflation would be even higher than it is today, and current inflation is at its highest point in 40 years.”

Bates, who was quoted on Twitter by Bezos in his most recent jab, was responding to an earlier criticism the billionaire had of the Biden administration’s domestic politics and its efforts to pass Build Back Better legislation late last year, which it failed after Democrats Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia refused to sign.

“It doesn’t take a leap to understand why one of the world’s richest people opposes a middle-class economic agenda that cuts some of the biggest costs families face, fights long-term inflation and adds to the historic deficit reduction the president is achieving by asking the wealthiest taxpayers and corporations to pay their fair share,” Bates said in a statement originally shared withwashington post.

This was just the latest entry in Mr. Bezos’ ongoing tit for tat with the US president’s economic policies.

On Sunday night, the tech titan sent an even more direct rebuke to Biden’s economic agenda after singling out Democratic lawmaker Sen Manchin, a senator widely seen by his party as responsible for stalling the $2 legislation. trillions that would have reshaped the US economy’s social safety net, including increasing climate spending and expanding child care, as if he had “saved” the country.

“The administration scrambled to inject even more stimulus into an already overheated inflationary economy and only Manchin saved them from themselves. Inflation is a regressive tax that hurts the least well-off the most. Misdirection does not help the country,” Bezos wrote.

This week’s feud between the Blue Origin founder follows a series of tweet exchanges last week between the billionaire and the president himself that ultimately led Bezos to find it necessary to involve Twitter’s Disinformation Board.

“The newly created Board of Disinformation should review this tweet, or maybe they need to form a new Non Sequitur Board instead,” Bezos wrote on Friday while quoting a tweet from the commander-in-chief that said, to reduce inflation, the U.S. The US should raise corporate taxes on the wealthiest companies and they should “pay their fair share.”

Bezos, who has a net worth of $171 billion according to the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List, disagrees with the US leader.

“It’s okay to discuss raising taxes on corporations. Taming inflation is essential to discuss. Smashing them together is just misdirection,” he wrote on Friday.

Online, both commentators who agreed and disagreed with the billionaire’s assessment of the US agenda. The highest office in the country.

“What’s in drinking water tycoon these days?” wrote the American journalist Kara Swisher.

“And so… Biden wonders why all of a sudden his Amazon Prime ice cream packages are no longer arriving within the 2-day shipping window,” another user joked, while tagging him with the hashtag #nosoupforyou, a sly reference. to the Seinfeld episode where people were denied soup for being rude to the chef.

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