Joe Judge, Matt Patricia taking on new duties as the Patriots remain without an official offensive caller

A couple of familiar branches from Bill Belichick’s tree have bent inward in the past year and a half, returning to their roots in New England.

Joe Judge and Matt Patricia are back with the Patriots after stints as head coaches that didn’t pan out for either of them, and they each have curiously vague titles. Patricia is beginning her second year as Belichick’s senior football adviser, while Judge returns to New England as an offensive assistant.

Perhaps even more curious is his departure from previous antecedents. Judge made the jump from special teams coordinator under Belichick to New York Giants head coach in 2020, and has returned as an offensive assistant who may be in the running to replace new Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels as the Patriots’ playcaller. So could be Patricia, a trainer, or rather a consultant, with a title that seems like a perfect fit for the assignment to special projects.

Judge told reporters Monday that he is currently working with quarterback Mac Jones, as well as other people on offense. But for now, Judge hasn’t been told if he will be the man in charge of the offense.

“Nothing (has) been stated, decided or expressed,” Judge said. when asked if he is calling plays.

The curious decision to leave such responsibilities unassigned is not a cause for concern in May, and will likely be resolved before the regular season, but it does leave members of the media who cover the team in an awkward position. While the new players get their first reps with the Patriots, reporters have essentially been forced to try to uncover the secrets of New England’s 2022 staff by asking Judge and Patricia what their duties have been up to this point in 2022.

Does it feel like a cross-departmental job-sharing exercise? Certainly, but because the Patriots have not publicly stated the responsibilities of Judge and Patricia (Patricia said Monday that she is currently working with the offensive line), we are left to project staff as if it were a June depth chart.

Judge as the quarterbacks coach and Patricia as the offensive line coach seem like a logical fit at this point. Play-calling duties remain a mystery, and whether it’s Judge or Patricia may not be determined until sometime this summer. It wouldn’t be the first time the Patriots have tried to resolve their play-calling duties with an inside option, but it will mark the first time someone not named McDaniels has been in charge of the offense since 2011, and it could lead to a battle of wits in a training camp.

Patricia has a history of working with the offensive line in New England, serving as an offensive line assistant coach in 2005 before switching to the defensive side in 2006, but it would be the first season she would spend on the offensive side of the ball since 2005. Judge While Therefore, he has not been an offensive assistant in the NFL to this point.

Perhaps there is logic in this perceived uncertainty that revolves primarily around the benefits of competition. Belichick has been known to do things his way, regardless of outside concerns. We will learn in the coming weeks how he decides between two of his most experienced lieutenants.

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