Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United comments have been proven correct according to Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand has apologized to José Mourinho for comments the former Manchester United manager made about his time at Old Trafford.

The last time he came close to being in such a bad mood at United was when Mourinho was sacked in 2018, following a 3-1 loss to Liverpool, with Paul Pogba on the bench when things turned typically sour for him. technical.

Mourinho then left people questioning his sincerity a year later when he claimed that his time in the 13-time Premier League champions was some of his best work.

“If I tell you, for example, that I consider one of the best jobs of my career to be finishing second for Manchester United in the Premier League, you’ll say, ‘this guy is crazy,'” he told beIN Sports.

“I keep saying this because people don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Mourinho's time at United did not end well.  Image: PA Images
Mourinho’s time at United did not end well. Image: PA Images

With recent years exposing the full extent of the problems with the team, Ferdinand has now admitted that the Roma manager might have been right all along and apologized for doubting him.

“I think that José Mourinho’s appointment has aged very, very well. And I, for my part, would apologize perhaps to a certain extent in terms of the way he looked at him and judged him,” the former centre-back said on his Channel. from YouTube.

“I still think there were flaws in some of the ways that he handled people and he handled some of the situations that he was involved in.

“But in terms of looking behind the scenes, that [quote] he said in 2019 by finishing second in the Premier League, that he has aged so well.

“We can see that things have been going wrong behind the scenes, but at the time we didn’t know the extent of that. Obviously, José Mourinho did know.

“He wanted to get rid of numerous players and he wanted to bring in certain players, and obviously big salaries and contracts were given to certain players and he was thinking, ‘Wow, woof, woof, what’s going on!'”

Brighton's thrashing of United shows that things haven't exactly improved.  Image: PA Images
Brighton’s thrashing of United shows that things haven’t exactly improved. Image: PA Images

United finished 19 points behind Manchester City when Mourinho led them to second place in 2018 and were also runners-up to City last season, under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but were still well below their rivals.

Behind the scenes, things haven’t gotten much better in the three-and-a-half years since the former Chelsea manager left north-west England.

The mood in camp hasn’t improved either, with Jesse Lingard, a player who should have been sold last summer, complaining about not getting sent off in front of home fans.

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