Kevin Feige Confirms Loki Is The MCU’s Most-Watched Disney Plus Show

In Disney’s latest upfront presentation to advertisers, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Fiege revealed that Loki was the most-watched MUC series on Disney Plus.

Fiege’s statement backs up viewership numbers provided by third-party services like Nielsen and Samba. According to Nielsen data, Loki has logged a staggering 5.23 billion minutes of watch time. That works out to an average of 872 million minutes per episode.

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According to Nielsen ratings, shows from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm are by far the most popular series on Disney+. Nielsen figures obtained by THR noted that Loki is the only show to top a billion minutes of viewing time in a single week (although The Mandalorian remains the most-watched Disney+ show overall).

The current full season viewing times data for the four Disney+ Marvel live-action shows released in 2021 are:

  • Loki – 5.23 billion minutes watched (872 million minutes per episode on average)
  • Wanda Vision – 4.8 billion minutes (534 million minutes per average episode)
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 4.15 billion minutes (average 692 million minutes per episode)
  • Hawk Eye – 3.46 billion minutes – (average 577 million minutes per episode)

As for the most recent MCU show in 2022, Nielsen’s latest chart for the week of April 11 to 17, 2022 reveals that Moon Knight reached a watch time of 638 million minutes. That’s all the views for the week across all three episodes, not the total viewing time for the series to date. debut week was 418 million minuteswhile week two had a watch time of 608 million minutes. That averages 555 minutes of viewing time per episode so far, though that number could go up or down, depending on how the next three weeks pan out.

“When we were first asked to start working on Disney+ programming, we knew we wanted to tie stories between the movies and our shows that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU, as a whole,” Fiege explained during the interview. presentation. “In the six series we’ve seen so far, we’ve introduced fantastic new characters, but we’ve also been able to dive deeper into the backstory lives of some of our favorite MCU superheroes.”

Fiege said Loki season 2 is going into production in the next few weeks and that most of the cast from season 1 will return. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who directed episodes two and four of the series, are directing Loki’s second Disney+ outing.

Fiege also showed the teaser trailer for She-Hulk: Lawyerwhich will be folded on August 17. Before that, mrs wonder will bow at the service on June 8, before new hero Kamala Khan heads to co-star in The Marvels, scheduled for release July 2023.

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