London Mayor Sadiq Khan could lose police powers amid review

London’s Sadiq Khan may soon lose influence over the city’s police, currently one of his key responsibilities, after a critic was told to examine stripping the leftist mayor of some of his powers.

Attention was again focused on the law enforcement record of leftist mayor Sadiq Khan, with Home Office Secretary Priti Patel telling an independent review that they should consider stripping the Labor Party politician of police powers.

While such a loss would certainly come as a blow to the progressive mayor, given that crime accountability is one of his key competencies, Londoners may not mourn it, considering Khan’s dismal record in curbing crime. in the British capital. .

According to a report from The timesPatel commissioned the review which will examine Khan’s powers shortly after the mayor “shocked” the Home Secretary by sacking former Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick following allegations of “misogyny” within her force.

Patel will now have to legally take into account Khan’s opinion regarding the appointment of a replacement for the abandoned commissioner, who had been given a two-year contract extension by Patel shortly before.

The review will now examine what powers the mayor of London should have over local police, with the person leading the review focusing on whether the mayor’s role should be reduced to help curb the impact the policy has on the Met boss.

This move is reportedly likely to anger London officials, representing the latest blow in a now-spreading feud between Patel and Khan.

Furthermore, the couple had recently clashed over the issue of marijuana decriminalization after the leftist politician expressed his desire to see an investigation into the legal status of cannabis in Britain.

Apparently motivated by Khan’s “fact-finding mission” to a pot shop in Los Angeles, the leftist mayor has now vowed to fight for a drug decriminalization commission, saying it would help protect Londoners from drug-related crime. drugs.

Such a call drew a harsh response from Patel, who said that Khan had no power to legalize any illegal drugs.

“Sadiq Khan’s time would be better spent focusing on knife and drug crime in London,” the home secretary said, taking a swipe at London’s mayor, while saying drugs “ruin communities, tear families apart and destroy lives”. Khan does not have the power to change the drug law, but he could instruct his city’s police force not to enforce the rules, creating de facto legalization.

While there is most likely a bit of venom in these words, Patel’s criticism is not unfounded, as Khan presided over a significant rise in crime in London, with knife attacks in particular becoming endemic in the capital.

The problem has now become so serious that it has forced the head of the Home Office to lift restrictions on controversial “stop and frisk” powers that allow police to frisk a person if they anticipate serious violence is likely to occur.

“No one should have to bear the pain and suffering of the victims of these heinous crimes and we have a responsibility to do everything in our power to prevent future tragedies,” Patel said of the decision, which he hopes will help reduce the number. of stabbings in London and beyond.

“I wholeheartedly support the police so they can build on their work to reduce knife crime by making it easier for officers to use these powers to seize more weapons, arrest more suspects and save more lives,” he continued.

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