Migrants by boat continue to cross the Canal illegally

Foreign migrants continue to cross the English Channel illegally in small boats, with more than 300 people arriving in Britain on Sunday.

Despite harebrained attempts to stem the wave of arrivals by the UK government, illegal immigrants continue to cross the English Channel in small boats in the hope of reaching Britain, with more than 300 people making the dangerous travel only on sunday.

While UK officials have been threatening new arrivals with a one-way trip to Rwanda if they come to Britain, this does not appear to have reduced the number of arrivals, although the UK Foreign Office has yet to confirm. Sunday number. Defense, which is now in charge of managing the crisis.

According to a report from The timesNearly 8,000 people have arrived in Britain after embarking across the English Channel in small boats this year, a number that is nearly triple the number who had made the journey around this time last year.

The publication also notes that many of those who arrived yesterday had to be rescued from rough seas by the UK Border Force, as well as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution water safety NGO.

Many of the new arrivals were reportedly taken to MOD Manston, a former Royal Air Force base which, as well as being converted into an international airport, has also been repurposed to process asylum seekers.

Speaking about the arrivals of migrant boats, the minister in charge of dealing with illegal immigration, Tom Pursglove, expressed his frustration at the growing number of people crossing the dangerous English Channel in small boats.

“Not only are they a blatant abuse of our immigration laws, but they also affect UK taxpayers, risking lives and our ability to help refugees reach the UK via safe and legal routes,” said the Conservative Party official. “Rightfully so, the British public has had enough.”

However, while Pursglove continues to promise that the new measures, including the government’s plan to export illegal immigrants to Rwanda, will help remedy the situation, recent developments around the immigrant deterrence scheme have suggested that its effectiveness may be limited in last instance.

Firstly, UK Home Office documents seem to suggest that only 300 illegal immigrants can be sent to Rwanda per year, an extremely small number considering that more than 28,000 immigrants landed in the country illegally last year, and that up to 100,000 could end up traveling. to the island this year.

Additionally, of these immigrants, those who claim to be transgender may be allowed to remain in the country despite Rwanda’s plan, with an “Equality Impact Statement” from the Home Office finding that those who wish to change gender may face discrimination that violates human rights. in the African country.

“We would conduct a case-by-case risk assessment when determining eligibility for relocation,” states the equality document with respect to people who claim to be transgender.

“No one will be relocated if it is unsafe or inappropriate,” he continues confirming.

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