Minecraft player creates an awesome city for his D&D campaign

Although not an RPG in the traditional sense, Minecraft still allows role-playing, with a player using the game to visualize their D&D map.

those who keep playing Minecraft Learn about the joy of starting a new map and seeing all that empty space ripe for creative potential. Being one of the most laid-back and relaxing video games, it has spent the last decade encouraging players to unleash their imaginations and conjure up all sorts of intriguing designs and concepts. Minecraft It’s not just a survival game; it is a sandbox of unlimited potential. Sometimes people use what the game provides to give themselves a new outlet in other aspects of the game.


Several images have appeared in a Minecraft subreddit, showcasing a fantasy-style city that could easily be a recreation of any number of popular RPG titles. Created by user Algarith, this elven city called Yafran is actually a visualization of a D&D campaign that the creator is currently running. By doing so, the user has said to create the city in Minecraft it means that those who play in your campaign will be able to explore in real time. They add that enemies and NPCs have been sculpted, which will represent where the encounters will take place.

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It’s no wonder fans want to combine video games with the iconic tabletop RPG. As one of the most influential board games in history, Dungeons & Dragons has inspired role-playing video games in general, with titles like dragon age, baldur’s gateY Never winter nights owing a debt of gratitude to the creators of D&D, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. It’s hard to imagine that the original board game began life in the mid-’70s. Those commenting on the Reddit thread seem to appreciate Algarith’s efforts, with one user particularly impressed with a glorious-looking tree that is evidence of the creator build talents. More images of Yafran in Minecraft can be found on Reddit.

There are numerous constructions of cities made in Minecraft, which is understandable given that it is such a large world that it is almost impossible for players to run out of physical space. And if they do, they can simply do more by altering the physical landscape. That’s a testament to the longevity of a game like Minecraft.

For that reason, it’s easily one of the biggest video games of all time in terms of map size, with a fanbase committed to filling said space with all sorts of builds. The city of Yafran of Algarith is a fantastic way for players to visualize the areas that players will explore in games like d&dand it will be interesting to see if someone else picks up on the idea.

Minecraft is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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