Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 2 Skins Revealed

The Overwatch Anniversary Remix event is back for the second time, bringing new styles and colors to fan-favorite skins.

The end of the first surveillance 2 The beta test window has closed. His absence will disappoint PC gamers who’ve had weeks of gaming time and familiarized themselves with the game. Supervision hero reworks, new maps, and new design elements. To keep things interesting in the game, the next installment of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix event has already started, which will bring new versions of some of the supervision most successful skins.

The Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 2 event returns on May 17 with new paint jobs on six previously released skins, while the remixed skins from Vol. 1 are also done. Supervision event available again. The new skins will include Black Wolf Hanzo (Legendary Okami skin), Hydra Symmetra (Legendary Dragon Symmetra skin), Neon Cat Sombra (Legendary Black Cat skin), Night Owl Ana (Legendary Snow Owl skin), Poison Dart Lucio (Legendary Ribbit Lucio skin). ). skin) and Noxious Roadhog (Legendary Toxic Roadhog skin).


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Previous weekly challenge skins will return, as will the first Remix event. In scheduled order, Mercy’s Legendary Dr. Ziegler skin, Ashe’s Epic Mardi Gras skin, and Sigma’s Legendary Master skin and associated emotes and sprays under the 9-18-27 point system will once again be available during the 3 weeks of the Volume 2 Remix Event. Seasonal skins, sprays, and emotes will also be unlocked and available to purchase with coins earned from duplicate items and random coins from Supervision loot boxes

Along with remixed skins, Winter Wonderland seasonal event game modes, Overwatch Archives, this year’s “Year of the Tiger” Chinese New Year celebrations, and other associated seasonal Brawl and PvE modes like Yeti Hunt and LucioBall , and others will rotate daily. . The themed emotes and sprays that were initially released for eligible skins also return if players have enough coins or open enough loot boxes to get them.

supervision The anniversary event wants to attract players who have just had their fill of surveillance 2 Beta to continue playing. These remixed skins served up with a helping of FOMO give Blizzard a chance to keep the player base engaged while they wait for the second PvP beta. The Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 2 event will end on June 7. A special event with details for the surveillance 2 The Beta 2 window is already planned for June 19 with the hope that the second Beta will launch with more new maps, reworks, and Beta access for console players.

surveillance 2 is in development.

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