Petting T. rexes and fighting sauropods: the dinosaurs on ‘Prehistoric Planet’ will surprise you

What if you put Sir David Attenborough and a specialized team of wildlife filmmakers in a time machine and set the dial 66 million years, to the end of the Cretaceous period and the last days of the dinosaurs? An upcoming documentary series aims to provide visually stunning answers to that intriguing question.

“Prehistoric Planet” debuts on Apple TV+ on May 23, kicking off a five-night dinosaur extravaganza. There’s no time machine, but the series does its best by uniting BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, the team behind nature documentaries like “Planet Earth” (BBC, 2006), with the visual effects team of Moving Picture Company who has worked on Hollywood movies. as “The Lion King” (Walt Disney Pictures, 2019).

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