Pokémon fanatic predicts the evolution of Sprigatito

A Pokemon fan makes a fanart of his own prediction for the final evolution of Sprigatito, the grass-type starter from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Fan predictions on what the evolutions could be for scarlet and violet pokemonThe starter Pokémon of have been shared on the internet ever since the game was announced. A fan posted his interpretation of what the final evolution of the grass-type Pokémon could look like.

scarlet and violet pokemon has lacked detailed information since its announcement. The only thing fans know about the game is that it’s set in a region that seems to resemble Spain, and what the three starter Pokémon will look like. The second and third evolutions of the three starters, Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito, have yet to be revealed, leading fans to predict these evolutions with their own designs.


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Reddit user Macksi came up with his own prediction for one of Sprigatito’s evolutions. The name of this evolution is “Catathos” and it is bipedal, as many fans hope it is not the evolution of Sprigatitio. His fur gives him the look of one of The Three Musketeers and a sly, cunning look in his eyes. He looks ready to fight with his claws on one leg and his tail poised to strike like a battering ram or sword.

The design seems to mirror that of The Three Musketeersor even fox. Based on the fur on his face that looks like a huge mustache and goatee, and the name “Catahos” which is reminiscent of Athos from The Three Musketeersthe first comparison is more plausible. The Three Musketeers, however, it is set in France and follows French characters, which commentators feel is a bit strange for scarlet and violet pokemonThe Spanish-inspired region.

This prediction is fun and it seems like it could be plausible. The look of this evolution might go against what most fans expected of this Pokémon, but the comments on the post praise this art, even though “Catathos” is bipedal. Another comment says that this design looks a bit like Lucario, which is not surprising considering the way the “Catathos” is presented.

Sprigatito’s evolutions, as well as regional versions of existing Pokémon, are being “leaked” and predicted by fans, all in anticipation of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. There will be a time when more information about the new Pokemon game will be released, but until then, fans can speculate. One day, all fans will finally know if they were close or far when making predictions about the initial evolutions of Pokémon.

scarlet and violet pokemon they will launch in 2022.

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