Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Fan design their own final evolution for Sprigatito

A Pokemon fan on Reddit shares his idea for the evolved form of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Sprigatito, changing it from Grass to a duo-type form.

The Pokémon Company is known for creating an environment steeped in mystery, allowing its player base to theorize on the few details that are revealed to the public. Sometimes leaks can reveal big plotlines and new additions to the franchise, while other times, Pokemon leaks can involve puzzles and mysteries. With little information revealed about the upcoming scarlet and violet pokemonthe ninth generation of the franchise, fans are weighing in with their theories about the main lines of evolution of the game’s three initial companions.


scarlet and violet pokemon are slated for release later this year, giving fans six to seven months to pitch their best ideas. Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly were introduced to the Pokémon world in early 2022 and sparked an immediate flurry of fan-made theories and depictions of what their evolution lines might look like.

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An interesting topic of discussion revolving around the three starters is what their secondary type might be and how that would affect their design. Sprigatito is one of the most talked about starter Pokémon in recent memory, with many players hoping Sprigatito will become a Grass/Fairy-type. With fan art sweeping the scarlet and violet pokemon subreddit user GrekisaWrek puts his best foot forward in a final evolution form of the Sprigatito line.

Going by the name Queenflower, Sprigatito’s final evolution form maintains its quadruped form while appearing more intense in its facial expression. Blooming a pair of Pokémon Flower-inspired wings, Queenflower is classified as a Grass/Fairy-type, keeping its primary color green and accenting the color yellow while featuring pink wings to highlight its evolution to a secondary Fairy-type.

It is not the first time that a fan has shown his own evolutionary idea of ​​​​Sprigatito, and as the launch of the ninth generation of Pokemon games get closer to completion, more unique designs will surely appear. It’s also a certainty that between now and the game’s release, The Pokemon Company will reveal some new details in upcoming trailers, only adding fuel to the hot topics.

Some of the best theories of the next scarlet and violet pokemon The game involves many ideas regarding the writing, designs, and even the backstories of the starting Pokémon. A common point of contention for Sprigatito is whether his evolutionary line will remain in his quadruped form or if he will stand on two legs and replicate a flamenco dancer, Spain’s traditional dance style. Quaxly, the water-type starter, has often been discussed as a possible Pokémon themed after Don Quixote, a popular character derived from a Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes. With Fuecoco possibly becoming a Fire/Ghost or Fire/Dragon type, depending on what players prefer to believe is the most suitable duo type. There is no shortage of theories available, and things will only heat up until the release of scarlet and violet pokemon It’s official later this year.

scarlet pokemon Y Pokemon Violet release in late 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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