Public Service Announcement: Rocket League’s new cross-platform voice chat is enabled by default

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Image: Psyonix Studios

Psyonix’s free-to-play title rocket league has received a new update and has made “voice chat” available on all platforms.

While this type of update is normally welcomed in many online communities, in the case of Rocket League, not everyone is thrilled with this new update. Some members of the community are concerned that toxicity may now spread through voice chat. Fortunately, you can disable this option…

This new audio option is enabled by default, so you’ll need to go into the game’s settings if you want to disable it. Another drawback is that voice chat communication (which includes cross-platform communication) will be limited to “Group Chat” and “Team Chat”, and there is no voice communication with opposing teams.

Despite the limits put in place, some players are still “scared” by the dialogue that teammates can throw at each other in-game. Here are just some of the responses to this update (via social media):

Below are the voice chat patch notes (via Rocket League). You can see the latest full update on the game’s official website.

voice chat

  • Voice Chat is now available to players on all platforms
    • With the release of v2.15, Voice Chat is enabled by default for all players
    • Voice Chat is fully cross-platform
  • Voice chat options are party talk Y team chat. You cannot talk to opposing teams in Voice Chat
  • When voice chat is enabled, you’ll see a voice channel (with a small headphone icon) will appear in your friends list. You can join, leave or change voice channels from this tab.
    • When you join a team in a match, you will be placed on a team voice channel.
    • When you join or form a group, you will be placed on a group voice channel. This channel shows all members of your group who have voice chat enabled
  • Voice chat settings can be found by going to Settings -> Chat -> Voice Chat Settings
    • Enable voice chat: Checked by default; uncheck the box to disable voice chat
    • [PC Only] Voice chat input device: Select which microphone or other input device you want to use.
    • [PC Only] Voice chat output device: Select which output (speakers, headphones, etc.) you want to use.
    • push to talk: Check this box to use a mapped key to enable your input device. You can change your binding in Settings -> Widgets -> View/Change bindings -> Scroll down to Voice Chat (Push to Talk)
    • preferred voice channel– Choose whether to default to Party Chat or Team Chat when both are available
    • Main menu Notifications: Shows the names of the players who speak while in the main menu
    • match notifications: Shows the names of the players who speak during a match
    • Text chat notifications– Show notifications in text chat when players leave or join voice chat
  • You can adjust the volume of incoming voice chat in Settings -> Audio -> Voice Chat

What do you think of this new voice chat feature? Will you make use of it? Still playing Rocket League? Leave a comment below.

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