Qatar Airways passengers stranded in Auckland hotels for three days after mysterious delay

A plane full of Qatar Airways passengers spent three days in hotels after their flight was mysteriously canceled on Sunday once they reached the gate.

Passengers had smoothly checked in for flight QR915 at Auckland Airport, which was due to depart for Doha, via Adelaide, at 6:25 pm on May 15.

However, once at the gate, they were told that their flight had been canceled and that they needed to return through security to the Qatari check-in counter.

Jeff Howell, who was heading to Europe via Doha for a bike ride through France, said stuff new zealand that no information was provided on the reason for the flight cancellation.

The group of passengers had to pass through New Zealand immigration as if they were arriving in the country.

“It was a very unusual experience,” Mr. Howell said.

Once they were through, airline staff directed them out of the terminal to catch a bus that would take them to an overnight hotel. Howell ended up at the Airedale Boutique Suites in Auckland.

“No one had any idea what was going on,” he told reporters.

“I guess the other passengers were doing what I was doing for most of the night, which was trying to contact Qatar Airways to see what was going on.”

Several passengers took to social media to say they were unable to reach Qatar Airways representatives for the first 24 hours, with some saying they had not received any compensation or assistance with food and beverages.

“My sister got NZ$50 (£26) in meal vouchers for two days on the Cordis (so can’t afford a sandwich),” tweeted James Brock, whose sister was one of the passengers stranded in Auckland, referring to the five city passengers. -star Hotel Cordis.

On Monday, Howell says his hotel told passengers to check in and wait for another bus, which he assumed would take them to the airport.

However, they were transferred to the nearby President Hotel, where they spent the night on Monday with no further information on when they could be rebooked on a new flight.

On Tuesday, he was told that the passengers would spend a third night in a hotel, at the Hotel Presidente.

“We’re kind of hidden here,” he said. Stuff.

“No one has given us money to buy food or anything like that. The hotel was generous enough to make us breakfast this morning.”

“Now at the President Hotel on Victoria Street (poor),” tweeted passenger Marina Wright, who had purchased her ticket through British Airways.

“No communication from #QatarAirways @qatarairways. @British_Airways, who sold us the ticket as a code share, informed us that they are unable to help. Appalling. No meal vouchers. We are furious,” she added.

“I just assumed that because of what used to happen in the old days, we would get a meal coupon,” passenger Sharon Chelmis said.

Another passenger who did not want to be identified told Stuff that because the hotel they were staying in had no restaurant, they were given a $25 (£13) per day tube voucher.

Meanwhile, communication remained limited. Passenger Adele Fletcher tweeted: “No direct communication from #Qatar. The hotel has told us that we have another two nights booked, so we assume that there is also no flight planned for tomorrow. Can someone please tell us when we’re flying!”

On Tuesday afternoon, almost 48 hours after the initial cancellation of his flight, Mr. Howell received an email with a new flight schedule and an electronic ticket for a service that would depart at 6:20 p.m. on Wednesday the 18th. of May.

On Twitter, he said the group of passengers had exchanged stories on the bus, with one woman collecting names and contact details to send a letter of complaint to the airline.

At 5:48pm Auckland time, Mr. Howell confirmed that the group would be boarding their plane to Doha.

The reason for the three-day delay and poor communication from Qatar Airways staff is still unclear.

the independent has approached Qatar Airways for comment.

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