Racially Motivated Mass Shooting Kills 10 in Buffalo, New York

Racially Motivated Mass Shooting Kills 10 in Buffalo, New York

  • An 18-year-old gunman shot 13 people, killing 10, in a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.
  • Police said the gunman was wearing tactical gear and live-streamed the shooting.
  • An official called the shooting a “racially motivated hate crime” at a news conference.

An 18-year-old white gunman shot and killed 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, in what local and federal authorities said Saturday night was a racially motivated mass shooting.

FBI officials said at a news conference that they were investigating the shooting as a hate crime and a case of “racially motivated violent extremism.”

The gunman, who is in police custody, arrived at a Tops grocery store around 2:30 p.m. and began shooting people in the parking lot, before entering the store and continuing his attack, authorities told Reuters. the media.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said 10 people were killed and three were injured. Of those 13 people shot, 11 were black and two were white, he said. Four of those shot Saturday were store employees and nine were customers, he added.

Gramaglia added that the gunman was wearing tactical gear and had been livestreaming his attack. The gunman was confronted by a Tops security guard who was a former police officer, but the security guard’s bullets did not penetrate the gunman’s “armor,” Gramaglia said.

The gunman shot and killed the security guard, and Buffalo police confronted him shortly after, Gramaglia said.

The gunman then put the gun to his neck, before officers convinced him to drop the gun, remove some of his tactical gear and surrender, Gramaglia said.

The suspect appeared in court Saturday night for an arraignment on one count of first-degree murder. He has since been identified as Payton Gendron and has pleaded not guilty. Images posted on social media by reporters in the courtroom showed a masked Gendron sitting in court.

Gendron is being held in jail without bond and is due for a felony hearing in five days, according to Eerie County District Attorney John Flynn.

“We have taken the appropriate steps at this time to put him behind bars,” Flynn said at a news conference.

The first-degree murder charge carries a potential sentence of life in prison without parole, Flynn said.

Although it is unclear what exact type of weapon Gendron used, New York Governor Kathy Hochul said Saturday night that he had used “a legally obtained weapon, but it was illegally modified.”

Authorities said Gendron was not from the Buffalo area, but from another county in New York state.

“This is a community where people love each other. The shooter was not from this community,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told reporters at the news conference. “In fact, the shooter traveled hours outside of this community to commit this crime in Buffalo.”

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