Sony announces the first official PS5 console bundle that comes with a game

Sony launches the first official PlayStation 5 console bundle in the UK, combining the game with PS-exclusive Horizon Forbidden West.

It’s hard to believe that the Playstation 5 He has already been out for over a year. With demand far outstripping supply, many Sony fans are yet to get their hands on the latest version of PlayStation’s ancient lineage. While it’s not likely to help with availability, prospective buyers in the UK can now purchase the first PlayStation 5 bundle that includes the console-exclusive action-adventure title. Forbidden Horizon West.


While the bundle is not yet available in the United States, speculation suggests that it will tout a fifty dollar price increase over the base PlayStation 5. Since most AAA PlayStation 5 titles cost $70, those who were planning to buy both the console and the game will make a profit of $20. despite the latest Horizon title that suffered from a review blitz at launch, the game performed well critically, though gamers are more likely to jump on whatever PlayStation 5 offering is currently available, regardless of the critically acclaimed game it’s bundled with the console.

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Forbidden Horizon West It might seem like a superfluous addition, but Sony doesn’t usually wait long to issue console bundles. Bundles that combine PS4 consoles with copies of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection either Star Wars battlefront were available for the 2015 holiday season, and the PS3 was bundled with copies of Solid metal gear 4 as far back as 2008. Of course, with no entirely new Naughty Dog-developed titles available for PS5 yet and with the metal gear franchise essentially MIA, Forbidden Horizon West feels like a reasonable option for the first PlayStation 5 bundle.

However, Sony’s decision to opt for the latest Horizon The title may seem strange to some given the intensity with which Bluepoint the souls of the devil The new version was marketed during the launch of the console. Not only has it sold over a million copies to date, but the souls of the devil was the most downloaded PS5 game in Japan in 2020. It could be that the publisher wanted to include something more accessible than the notoriously difficult FromSoftware title in the console’s first bundle, and this decision could also be due to Sony’s desire to push Aloy like a flagship. gaming mascot for the ninth generation of consoles.

It’s also worth noting that while it certainly has a less high profile than Forbidden Horizon Westevery PlayStation 5 console comes with astro game room, which is apparently a short tech demo meant to show off the new features included in the DualSense controller. Still, no matter which game Sony chooses to bundle its system with, the scarcity will see most buyers grab whatever console they can rather than wait for a bundle.

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Source: IGN

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