Sunday, May 15, clue and solution

Sunday, May 15, clue and solution

Welcome back to another installment of “what’s Wordle’s answer today”, although it may not be the best source for that given that today (drum roll), I lost. Yes, I broke my streak again. What can I say? I got impatient and ignored the letters I already guessed and ran out of chances. I lost it by one.

Don’t be like me, take your time and I know that you make I know what this word is, but it’s a pretty weird letter set up for a Wordle answer, which may trip up other people along with me. However, I guess most people will get it eventually, and should have been a bit more patient.

An introduction to Wordle

  • For those new to the game, read this word primer before you start playing and learn how this trend started.
  • Then if you want some advanced tactics to get those answers with little guesswork, you can read the Wordle tips and tricks guide here.

Today’s Wordle #330 Answer and Clue

As always, I preface this section with a spoiler warning because if for some reason you ended up here not wanting to know the answer, that would be bad. But if you just want a hint, I’ll tell you this may be something you see telling you to do something while driving. There are a lot of those things, so maybe that doesn’t limit you. Or maybe you’ll get it from just that.

And the answer is…


Yes, like yield signs on the road, where you have to yield to other traffic. And of course you can use this in another context, like a knight giving up a duel or something, but in the modern age, it’s mostly traffic behavior.

As for my big failure, what went wrong? A lot. I started with my usual CRANE, and I knew something was wrong because I only got one letter, E, and it was in the wrong place. From there, I only chose a word with the remaining letters that I could see, even without an E, just clear letters, and GHOST understood me. literally nothing. Wow. From there, I went back to guessing correctly based on the letters above, and MEDIC got me at least the EDI. From there I made BIDES which was a very stupid guess because I kept the D in the same place and guessed the S again. From there I SHOT, another bad guess as I repeated the R and put the E in the same place. Then between YIELD and WIELD I had no way of knowing which one it was, and I lost that coin toss. Now we start again.

I hope you had better luck than me this week. I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow.

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