T+A launches its first Bluetooth noise canceling headphones

T+A Elektroakustik is one of those brands you may not have heard of, and yet it is one of Germany’s leading high-end audio specialists. The Herford-based company has taken advantage of the Munich High End Show to announce the expansion of its renowned headphone portfolio with the launch of the Solitaire T model.

The Solitaire T are wired audiophile headphones with Bluetooth wireless functionality and ANC (active noise cancellation). Conradin Amft is the COO of T+A and has been launching the new headphones: “With the Solitaire P and P-SE models, we managed to produce a benchmark range of headphones, but with Solitaire T we set ourselves a new and exciting challenge. . ”

The company’s engineers set out to create a new pair of passive headphones using a special 42mm driver and a cellulose diaphragm. T+A claims that the rigidity and lightness of the new transducer produce a lively and dynamic performance with carefully optimized low-end. The Solitaire T has airy highs and clear mids with a distinctive bass that T+A says never sounds aggressive.

To provide excellent sound quality on the go, the designers of the Solitaire T headphones added a Qualcomm QCC 5127 Bluetooth chipset with support for the latest high-end audio codecs such as LDAC and aptX HD. Paired with an Esstech ES9218 Saber DAC, the Solitaire T is intended to bridge the gap between wired and wireless sound quality.

T+A’s development manager is Jörg Küpper. He found that the main challenge in producing these new headphones was passive and active noise suppression. “Careful selection of damping materials minimizes much of the unwanted noise in the midrange and treble without electronic assistance,” He explained.

If required, an active noise suppression circuit can be activated to intentionally remove low bass frequencies that cannot be dampened by passive means. T+A claims that the result is a complete absence of loud background noise or hiss behind the music.

Engineers at this family business had a third concern: ease of operation. The user can feel every step and every interaction and is linked to clear feedback messages. The earphones also have touch-sensitive buttons and a dedicated transparency field, which allows ambient sound to quickly turn on. There’s also a large touch-sensitive field of interaction, and spoken feedback messages have been recorded with a real human voice rather than a digital voice.

The housing of the headphones is made of high-quality aluminum and synthetic composite, as well as vegan leathers. The Solitaire T will be available in two color combinations: a white/silver version and a black/silver option. Design elements carried over from T+A’s Solitaire P headphones include beveled ear cups.

Prices and availability: The new T+A Solitaire T will be available from July 2022 through the company’s network of specialist dealers. The price will be $1,600 / £1,200 / €1,300.

More information: www.ta-hifi.de

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