TalkSPORT’s Laura Woods’ wild response after ‘Small Club Mentality’ dig from Spurs fans at Arsenal

laura woods produced a wild response after a Spurs fan claimed that Arsenal have a ‘small club mentality’ during a debate on talkSPORT.

Woods, who is an Arsenal fan, was taking calls on her breakfast show on talkSPORT the morning after Arsenal were beaten 20 at St. James’ Park for Eddie Howe’s Newcastle United, leaving their arch-rivals on pole position to finish fourth.

Unsurprisingly, many Spurs fans called the station to express their delight that Arsenal lost vital points in the most important stage of the season. However, one fan went a step further, calling Arsenal’s letting go of fourth place “the greatest collapse of all time”. The Spurs fan also rated Woods and his co-hostDarren Bent bias.

Nick, a Spurs fan, said: “You two are so biased it’s unbelievable. if this were tottenhamhonestly, all this ‘how tottenham having bottled it’, ‘how we choked’, all these stories would come out.

You know that in the middle of March you had a goal difference of more than 10 in tottenham and about six points. This has to be the biggest crash of all time, it has to be.”

Woods quickly dismissed the Spurs fan’s suggestion.

Woods said: “It’s not the biggest meltdown of all time, Nick and I don’t mind you calling me biased because I’m an Arsenal fan.

I will also say that at one point in the season which was months ago, we were saying that if Arsenal get the top four it is too much of an achievement, I stand by exactly what I said then, 100 per cent.”

Woods went on to defend Arsenal, stating that the club has a young squad and a thin squad that does not have the quality that Spurs have within their ranks. The Spurs fan then accused Arsenal of having a small club mentality. At this point, a fired-up Woods produced a wild response.

She said: “I think Nick, coming from a Spurs fan, you would know exactly what the small club mentality is all about.”

Woods ended the war of words with: “Let’s go back and talk about the small club mentality when you win something, Nick. Glad to get your call though!”

With fourth place still up for grabs, Spurs travel to Norwich for their final game of the season, while Arsenal play at home to relegation-threatened Everton.

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