The best support heroes in Overwatch 2

Are you trying to find the best Overwatch 2 support heroes? With the new 5v5 team composition change in Overwatch 2, it’s harder for support heroes to survive as there’s only one tank on the team to protect them. Support players are more vulnerable, but have a new passive ability to help them out, meaning they can now automatically heal themselves after leaving combat for a few seconds.

In our best overwatch 2 support heroes list, we’re focusing on which support heroes are considered the best in each scenario. Ultimately, they need to heal, buff, and provide utility to other players. Fortunately, there are more opportunities to run around the map, giving support heroes a chance to flank and dive into fights. After all, high mobility, healing, and damage are key.

With the reworks and changes to heroes in Blizzard’s FPS game, there’s a huge focus on the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes and their new speed boost passive, giving support players a tough job on their hands. Before we get down to business, we’ve also compiled an Overwatch 2 tier list with our top meta picks for each role. Also, if you’re still trying to decide which role best suits your game, check out our Overwatch 2 Roles Explained guide to help you choose your main role.

The best support heroes in Overwatch 2 are:

Overwatch 2 Best Support Heroes – Lucio holding his weapon forward while moving at high speed


With only one tank on the map, support players need to make sure they pick the best hero to keep them alive in the first place. There is some debate about Lúcio’s dominance, but maybe that’s because the other support picks have a bit of power.

Following the removal of crowd control abilities, there is plenty of space on the map that Lúcio can make the most of by using his Wall Ride passive. For support heroes, mobility is key and Lúcio is a speed demon. Lúcio was already able to get out of harm’s way in an instant, but the new passive for support heroes means he’s always a constant presence on the battlefield.

Overwatch 2 Best Support Heroes - Moira standing with both hands outstretched with a purple and gold orb in each hand


Many heroes in Overwatch 2 have had their abilities tweaked, but Moira is one of the few that hasn’t. Moira is still the same great healer that she was in Overwatch 1, and that’s one of the main reasons we chose her for our best support heroes in Overwatch 2 roster.

Compared to the other heroes, Moira’s survivability is arguably the best in the game. His Fade ability gives him a moment to become temporarily invulnerable, allowing him to avoid any dangerous situation he finds himself in while taking a moment to use that all-important healing passive. Moira’s Coalescence ultimate sends out a long range beam to heal allies while also damaging enemies it passes through. With one less tank, Moira is adequately prepared for Overwatch 2’s shift into a strong metagame.

Overwatch Top 2 Support Heroes: Ana aiming down sights with her Biotic Rifle


Another support hero that takes advantage of biotic abilities is Ana, our final pick on this list. She comes with a nice selection of tools, from her Biotic Rifle and Sleep Dart to the Biotic Grenade – all of which are capable of helping Ana keep her distance while she deals effective damage. She is not as fast as Lúcio, but where she fails in speed, she makes up for it in other areas.

Ana’s Biotic Grenade works as a heal negation tool, perfect for coordinated teams, as you can choose which heroes you want to take down. A well-timed Sleep Dart can stop an attack entirely, and Ana’s Nano Boost can turn the tide of battle, increasing damage by 50% to a single target while taking less damage from attacks. With so many tools at her disposal, a good Ana has the potential to greatly influence the outcome of a match.

And those are the best support heroes in Overwatch 2. If you’re looking for a similar list of the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2, you’re in luck. We also have a list of all confirmed Overwatch 2 maps in case you haven’t kept up with one of the best multiplayer games around. Although the Overwatch 2 beta is scheduled to end on May 17, stay tuned as Blizzard has stated that there will be more beta opportunities this year.

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