The Elden Ring map has been quietly changing with each patch

elden ring it has received a handful of patches since its release in late February. Developer FromSoftware made a number of improvements to the game’s performance, fixed some bugs, and rebalanced a large number of abilities and weapons in an attempt to tone down the more obvious choices.

Like many Japanese developers, FromSoft is guilty of making tweaks that aren’t mentioned in the patch notes. Players have to discover and document them on their own in an attempt to keep track of what Really It changes from patch to patch.

Those changes are usually relevant, so players tend to look for them. But some go completely unnoticed, unless you’re an eagle-eyed modder. YouTuber Illusory Wall, who made a career of delving into FromSoftware games to uncover cut content, traversing boundaries, and tracking down hidden changes, has posted a video about a particular unlisted change that you might not even think to check out. .

That is the beautiful world map of the game. In his video below, Illusory Wall, with the help of other members of the community, shows how the map of each of the major regions of the Elden Ring has changed since the game’s launch. Evidently, FromSoft has been cleaning up the map to redraw areas and improve the accuracy of its representation of the physical world of the game.

This also extends to the illustrated maps that players purchase to dispel the fog of war. Most of the changes are benign and appear to have been made to remove areas that no longer exist in the world or to add locations that were not previously represented on the map.

The YouTuber speculates that certain sections of the map were the result of procedural generation, which is why the developer had to go back and update them with what was actually added later. However, some of the removed landmasses and such could indicate that FromSoft initially had a plan for them, but ended up removing them because they ran out of time.

This is quite common for the developer as many have discovered cut content as well as removed mechanics in most of the studio’s games. FromSoft will likely update the world in later patches for its other games, but since Elden Ring is the first to include a world map in such a way, there is effectively a record of those changes.

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