The jury shows the knife that Amber Heard gave to Johnny Depp while saying: “I wasn’t afraid he would stab me”

Amber Heard gave Johnny Depp a large knife as a gift during the early days of their relationship, the jury in the former couple’s high-profile libel trial was told.

The aquaman The actress was subjected to a tense questioning by Depp’s attorney at the Fairfax, Virginia, courthouse on Tuesday, where she was questioned about his allegations that her ex-husband violently abused her on multiple occasions.

The jury was shown a knife that Mrs. Heard gave Mr. Depp as a gift in 2012 as the pirates of the Caribbean The actress’s lawyer questioned why she would give her husband a gun at a time when he was allegedly already abusing her.

Ms Heard claimed the abuse began early in their relationship in 2011 before there was “a breakup” in 2012.

“Is that the knife you gave the man who was abusing you?” the lawyer questioned.

Mrs. Heard responded that she did not think he would stab her with a knife.

“I wasn’t afraid he was going to stab me,” he told the court.

The court had previously heard about the knife, which is inscribed with the words “hasta la muerte,” which means “until death” in Spanish.

Depp’s legal team previously asked psychologist Dr. Daswn Hughes if someone who “feared for his life” would give this to his partner.

A Fairfax County Sheriff’s deputy holds the knife that Amber Heard gave to actor Johnny Depp.


The doctor told the court there is “context” and that he believed Ms Heard bought the knife as “a kind gift”.

“The wording is that Mr. Depp told him ‘the only way out of this relationship is death,'” Dr Hughes said.

The psychologist said that Ms Heard was in “denial” regarding the “violence in the relationship” at the time.

Depp sues his ex-wife for defamation over a 2018 op-ed she wrote washington post where she described herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

The pirates of the Caribbean The actor is not named in the article, which is titled “I have spoken out against sexual violence and faced the wrath of our culture. That has to change.”

However, Depp claims that it falsely implies that he is a domestic abuser, something he adamantly denies, and has left him struggling to land roles in Hollywood. He is suing for $50 million.

Ms Heard is countersuing for $100 million, accusing Mr Depp of orchestrating a “smear campaign” against her and describing his lawsuit as a continuation of “abuse and harassment”.

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