The new game is a “middle finger” for Russia, says a Ukrainian developer

Frogwares, the Ukrainian game developer behind The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes franchises, has shared the first details about its upcoming game. Not only that, but the company says that the existence of the game is a middle finger for Russia.

In a statement, Frogwares said it has started work on a new project, codenamed Project Palianytsia, despite the fact that the war in Ukraine is still affecting the studio. The company also recently announced that it received a grant from Fortnite developer Epic Games, which it will use to help its kyiv-based developers relocate to other parts of the country or to other parts of the EU. Frogwares is based in kyiv and also has an office in Dublin, Ireland.

A First Look at Frogwares' Next Game
A First Look at Frogwares’ Next Game


As for the new game, Frogwares says that Project Palianytsia contains a “mixture of supernatural horror coupled with Victorian-era mystery,” adding that the game is aimed at fans of The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes.

Frogwares also released four pieces of concept art for the game, which the studio plans to show off via an “official reveal” in the summer.

In a defiant statement, Frogwares said that it is advertising its new game as a “middle finger” to Russia. “We are revealing the game now in this way simply to show people that we are pushing and also as a clear middle finger to those who thought they could just enter our country in hopes of disrupting and ruining our lives,” he said.

Before Project Palianytsia, Frogwares was working on an “open world title” that was in the pre-production phase, but the studio has now switched to this new game.

“Now we’re doing something almost entirely from scratch, which is much more difficult under these circumstances, so we needed to think smart about what’s realistic for us. The idea was greenlit for this very reason, as it’s something our current equipment and setup can deliver.” compared to doing pre-production on another open world title, which is what we were doing before the war,” he said.

Palianytsia is a popular baked bread in Ukraine and is considered part of the country’s national cuisine, Frogwares said. It also has another purpose, one that has become more widely used during the war.

“It is also the phonetic equivalent of Dark Souls for Russians who often cannot pronounce it correctly when trying to pass themselves off as Ukrainians. Therefore, it is now often used in the field as a test to quickly identify the possible affiliation of unknown persons” , Frogwares said.

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