UK Ignored Islamists to Call ‘Mainstream’ Right a Terrorist Threat

A leaked review of a UK counter-terrorism program has found that it overlooked radical Islamists while targeting people who espouse “mainstream” right-wing views as potential threats.

Common right-wingers in the UK have reportedly been designated as potential terrorists as part of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, while radical Islamists were largely ignored, according to a leaked report.

Commissioned by the UK government, the leaked review of the multi-agency “Prevent” program found that it focused disproportionately on right-wing threats, using a definition of so-called “neo-Nazism” that was allegedly so broad as to encompass “slightly controversial forms or provocative of mainstream right-leaning comments that have no significant connection to terrorism or radicalization.”

According to journalists from The Guardian who have seen the leaked document, this has apparently resulted in ordinary people being targeted by the program even though they show no evidence of any form of extremism.

In contrast, the report found that radical Islamists did not focus so much on The Guardian noting that right-wing threats referenced in Prevent outnumbered Islamist threats in 2020.

What’s more, the report found that Prevent was even going so far as to fund groups that had promoted “extremist discourse,” including supporting the Taliban.

“As a fundamental principle, the government must stop engaging with or funding those aligned with extremism,” says the leaked document on funding questionable groups.

While the claims made by the leaked report must no doubt be of concern to many on the right in the UK, its content is not all that surprising, as a similar private report published in 2021 reached similar conclusions regarding the disproportionate focus of Prevent in the distance. straight.

The leaked report’s claims also mimic the disproportionately exaggerated trend of right-wing extremism in Britain, with the mainstream media often clinging to narratives related to “far-right” terrorist threats even though radical Islamism remains generally a higher potential. source of attacks.

An example of this can be seen when in 2020, after the then new head of the MI5 intelligence agency confirmed that Islamists still posed the greatest terrorist risk to the UK, the mainstream media both at home and abroad The foreigner focused on him saying that the risk of right-wing terror was also “unfortunately increasing”.

“[The right-wing terror] The threat is not, today, on the same scale as Islamic extremist terrorism,” CEO Ken McCallum said at the time, while noting that “Islamic extremist terrorism…by volume remains our greatest threat.”

Despite this, media such as the BBC, the Independentand the infamous US broadcaster CNN decided to focus on the threat posed by the far right, with the UK state broadcaster only admitting that “jihadi plots make up the bulk of the UK”. [terror] investigations” in paragraph 20 of his article on the subject.

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