Vicky White breaking news: Police release body camera footage from the moment they captured missing inmate Casey

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Indiana police released dramatic body camera footage Tuesday of the moment fugitive Casey White was captured.

Police also released footage of officers inspecting an abandoned Ford F-150 at an Evansville car wash and other video of first responders helping Vicky White.

The nationwide manhunt for a double-murder suspect and the correctional officer who helped him escape ended with a car chase, crash and death Monday. Alabama police received a tip Sunday, one of hundreds, that ultimately bore fruit and led to a confrontation with escaped inmate Casey White and Vicky White, the corrections officer.

During a news conference Tuesday, police revealed they found a cache of weapons inside the couple’s car, as well as $29,000 in cash. According to officials, the couple planned to have a shootout with police, but were stopped before they could carry out their plan.

A “brief” police chase ensued, according to Lauderdale County, Alabama, Sheriff Rick Singleton, ending when a federal marshal crashed into the couple’s Cadillac. After the accident, Mr. White was taken into custody, while Mrs. White died following a self-inflicted gunshot, according to reports.

Singleton said that no officers fired shots during the pursuit and that White showed “no remorse” for White’s death.


The police publish dramatic images of the moment they capture the fugitive

Police have released dramatic dash cam footage of the moment fugitive Casey White was captured after 10 days on the run.

In the video, Mr. White can be seen being detained by law enforcement officials and the body of his “wife”, prison guard Vicky White, can be seen being dragged from her car on Monday.

Footage shows officers approaching the two fugitives’ vehicle and pulling Mr. White out and asking him to kneel and he can then be seen being taken to another cruise ship, away from the car accident.

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Coroner’s office confirms prison guard committed suicide

The Indiana coroner’s office confirmed Tuesday that Vicky White, a former corrections officer accused of helping an Alabama inmate escape, has committed suicide.

The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office concluded that Mrs. White committed suicide.

Police had said the two also had a cache of weapons: four handguns and several semi-automatic weapons, including an AR-15. Mrs. White died after sustaining a gunshot wound to the head during a dramatic police chase while her inmate and her lover Casey White turned himself in to authorities and is now back in custody.

Mr. White allegedly also referred to Mrs. White as his “wife”.

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ICYMI: Fugitive prison officer and inmate Casey White ‘planned to have a shootout with police’

Prison guard Vicky White and capital murder suspect Casey Cole White planned to have a “shootout with police officers” before he was captured and she shot herself to death, according to authorities.

Speaking at a news conference in Indiana on Tuesday, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said the jail lovers “wanted to engage in a shootout with the police,” but officers ran them off the road, which prevented them from carrying out their plan.

Read Rachel Sharp’s full story here:

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ICYMI: Fugitive called prison guard his ‘wife’

Casey White, the Alabama prison escapee who was captured by police Monday afternoon after a chase and car accident, called prison guard Vicky White his “wife.”

The 56-year-old fugitive told officers immediately after his arrest that he was innocent of causing Mrs. White’s injuries, US Marshal Marty Keeley told CNN Monday night.

“You guys help my wife, she shot herself in the head and I didn’t,” he said, according to police.

Mrs. White later died in hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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ICYMI: Prison guard White died in hospital from self-inflicted gunshot wounds

Missing prison guard Vicky White died in hospital Monday night from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, hours after a car chase with law enforcement officers.

She had been on the run with inmate Casey White, a murder suspect, for 10 days.

Police said Ms. White was taken to hospital after a brief chase Monday afternoon that ended in a car crash near Evansville, Indiana.

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ICYMI: Surveillance video shows Vicky White at hotel

Newly released surveillance footage shows Alabama corrections officer Vicky White in a hotel just hours before she disappeared with the capital murder suspect with whom she had allegedly been in a “special relationship” for the past two years.

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How Alabama inmate Casey White and guard Vicky White stayed on the lam for 10 days amid a nationwide manhunt

Double-murder suspect Casey White managed to evade police for 10 days thanks to the help of corrections officer Vicky White, who broke him out of jail.

Although their escape ended Monday with an overturned car and Mrs. White dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, they were able to stay under the police radar for more than a week.

How did the couple manage to keep on the run for so long?

Rachel Sharp has the details in her story below:

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Police defend investigation after car wash owner says officers didn’t take tip seriously

Authorities tried to defend their search for the runaway lovers after an Indiana car wash owner said police didn’t take him seriously when he first reported the couple’s abandoned vehicle last week.

James Stinson said NewsNationNow who noticed the abandoned 2006 Ford F-15 at the Weinbach Car Wash last week.

Stinson said he noticed the truck had Tennessee plates and alerted authorities.

But when an officer arrived on the scene, they said there was nothing they could do because the vehicle had not been reported stolen, he said.

The business owner had the vehicle towed himself last Wednesday.

It was on Sunday that he was finally contacted by the US Marshals Service about the truck and Mr. Stinson reviewed his surveillance footage and found White on video at his business last Tuesday.

On Monday, officials released the images and confirmed that the van belonged to the fugitives.

At Tuesday’s news conference, officials defended their actions, saying an officer found the license plate on May 2 during routine patrols of parking lots, but because it was not reported stolen, he took no action.

When the car wash owner also reported the vehicle two days later, the officer told him he would either have to wait 48 hours before it could be towed or he could pick it up on his own.

At the time, authorities said there was no indication he was related to the fugitives fleeing Alabama.

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The ultimate goal of the runaway couple

What was the ultimate goal of double-murder suspect Casey White and correctional officer Vicky White, who helped him escape?

According to the police, it was to have a shooting.

Rachel Sharp has more on the couple’s plan in her story below:

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Police said the fugitive’s plan was ‘flawed’

Law enforcement officials said double-murder suspect Casey White and prison officer Vicky White’s plan to evade police and potentially engage in a shootout with them was poorly thought out.

When asked what the suspects’ plan was after fleeing the correctional facility, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding told reporters that the “criminals” had a “flawed” plan.

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