Vicky White news update: Funeral takes place for prison guard as Casey White’s mother speaks out

Vicky White news update: Funeral takes place for prison guard as Casey White’s mother speaks out

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Capital murder suspect Casey White is likely to face new charges following his prison break, according to the district attorney prosecuting his case.

In the wake of their 10-day escape, made possible with the help of prison officer Vicky White, who killed herself during a police chase, more details have emerged about how the couple managed to stay under the radar for more than a week.

Dramatic police footage captured the moment a nationwide manhunt ended in Indiana earlier this week after White, an inmate serving a 75-year sentence for attempted murder, was taken into custody and the body of his 56-year-old lover years old, Mrs. White, was pulled out of a wrecked vehicle. She died of what a coroner ruled was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A chilling 911 call issued after the crash revealed that Mrs. White told the capital murder suspect, “Let’s get out there and run.” She also seemed to blame White for wanting to stay “in a damn motel” moments before her accident.

An investigation into the ordeal is still ongoing as police face mounting questions about how the fugitives evaded capture for more than a week.


Stockings, sex toys and a conversation with an old acquaintance: Vicky White’s days before the escape are revealed

In the days leading up to her daring jailbreak from alleged boyfriend Casey White, Vicky White checked out the selection at an Alabama sex shop, according to an employee.

Anna Jackson, an employee at the Sugar & Spice adult store in Florence, Alabama, said she knew Vicky from a stint in prison and saw the corrections officer at the store in late April.

Ms White bought a pair of sexy stockings and browsed the selection of sex toys, Ms Jackson said The Daily Mail.

“I met Vicky when I spent four months in the Lauderdale County Jail a while back,” he said.

Vicky White also visited a Kohl’s store around this time to buy men’s clothing for Casey, the Mail reports.

The store worker said that Vicky White had previously supported her while she was in prison and struggling with addiction.

“I was in an active addiction at the time and Vicky was the one who transported me to my court dates and all that, so we had a chance to talk to each other,” he told the agency. MailHe added: “On one of my court dates, I was having a hard time coping and seeing what my life was going to be like and Vicky was the one who said, ‘You got this.'”

However, on the day of their meeting, Ms. Jackson said that White seemed rushed and distracted.

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Vicky White’s funeral underway

A funeral is underway for Vicky White, an Alabama corrections officer who helped inmate and lover Casey White escape from a county jail, leading police on an 11-day manhunt in which Ms. White killed himself as police approached, according to authorities.

The service is being held at Center Hill Cemetery in Lexington, Alabama, about 24 miles from the jail where the couple made their dramatic escape.

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LOOK: Dramatic police footage shows the moment Casey White is captured and Vicky White is taken out of the car with a gun in her hand

Dramatic police footage has been released of the moment capital murder suspect Casey Cole White was captured and the body of his mistress, prison guard Vicky White, was carried from her vehicle with a gun still drawn.

The Evansville Police Department shared the footage Tuesday night as the coroner ruled the 56-year-old correctional officer’s death a suicide and the 38-year-old career criminal was sent back to Alabama to face charges.

Shocking 911 audio also revealed that Mrs. White was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher at the time of the crash and urged her lover of two years to “let’s get out and run” moments before apparently shooting herself in the head.

Mrs. White and White, who was serving a 75-year sentence and awaiting a murder trial in the slaying of a 58-year-old woman, were finally tracked down to Evansville, Indiana, on Monday after spending 10 days on the run.

Catch up on the dramatic visuals here with this story from Rachel Sharp.

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Twitter wonders: Who will play Vicky White in the TV version?

It seems like hardly a day goes by without a true crime story receiving the premium television treatment, from HBOMax. stairs, to the hulu abandonment.

Officials are still unraveling the story of how corrections officer Vicky White helped alleged lover Casey White escape from an Alabama prison, but that hasn’t stopped some pretty macabre speculation online about who might play Mrs. White in the brilliant television dramatization.

Some suggested that Charlize Theron and Adam Driver play the runaway couple, while another commenter joked that it should be Patricia Arquette.

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Vicky White’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday in Alabama

Vicky White, the correctional officer who allegedly aided in the escape of Alabama inmate Casey White before taking her own life during a police chase, will be laid to rest Saturday at 1 pm CT at a cemetery in Lexington, Alabama.

In addition to a small number of family members in the service, anonymous members of the public appear to be offering support at an online memorial wall.

“I pray that you all have the peace that passes all understanding,” one commenter wrote. “I am very sorry for the loss of your daughter, sister, friend, loved one. I did not know Vicky, but I am sure that she is now in heaven resting in the arms of God”.

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What Casey White’s Tattoos Reveal About Links To Neo-Nazi Prison Gang

Captured fugitive Casey White may be part of a white supremacist prison gang called the Brotherhood of the South, according to the US Marshals Service.

During the search for the rogue couple, officials released prison photos of White’s tattoos, which were filled with Confederate and neo-Nazi imagery.

(US Marshals)

(US Marshals)

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Who is Vicki White?

An assassination attempt. An alleged secret relationship. A multi-state manhunt.

the independent‘s rachel sharp has all the details on the wacky story of Vicky White and Casey White, a jail officer and inmate who escaped from prison in Alabama and went on the run.

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Vicky White was voted ’employee of the year’ five times and will receive the award again this week

Before prison guard Vicky White was accused of helping orchestrate her lover’s escape from jail, Casey White was not only well-liked among her Lauderdale County colleagues, but respected enough to winning “employee of the year” five times: even as recently as this year.

The 56-year-old correctional officer was tracked down Monday along with capital murder suspect Casey White, 38, with whom she reportedly had a “special relationship” for the past two years, leading to the manhunt for 11 days to an end. Close.

Mrs. White had won the award, voted on by her peers, five times in the last eight years. the new york post informed.

“I think it shows the kind of person we thought he was. No one who has worked with her and knows her from her never saw something like this coming,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said in an interview with The charge On Wednesday.

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ICYMI: How Casey White and Guard Vicky White Kept on the Run

It didn’t help that runaway lovers Casey White and Vicky White (no relation) had a six-hour head start on law enforcement when they escaped from the Lauderdale County Jail. But no one could have predicted that the facility’s deputy director of corrections and the 38-year-old capital murder suspect would be on the run for 11 days.

But the nationwide manhunt came to a dramatic end on Monday with a police chase, a car accident and Mrs. White allegedly shooting herself to death.

Read on for the full story featuring some of the seemingly missed opportunities that allowed the prison officer and inmate to slip off the grid for over a week.

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Petitions circulate for ‘Car Wash James’ to receive prize money offered for information on escaped fugitives

A petition has been started to pressure law enforcement and the governor of Alabama to pay their reward offers to “Car Wash James,” the car wash owner who called police when he saw capital murder suspect Casey White and Correctional Officer Vicky White in Indiana. .

The US Marshals Service announced a total reward of $15,000 for information leading to White’s arrest and information on Mrs. White, and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey offered a total of $10,000 for the capture. of the couple

Amber Savallo, who started the petition, told WSILTV that the car wash’s owner, James Stinson, should be rewarded for his reporting.

“He said if you see something, say something and he did. I really hope that James can get that from them because he feels like he 100% deserves it,” said Ms. Savallo.

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