Vicky White News Update: Jail Phone Call Recordings Prove Guard’s Relationship With Casey White

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Capital murder suspect Casey White is likely to face new charges following his prison break, according to the district attorney prosecuting his case.

In the wake of their 10-day escape, made possible with the help of prison officer Vicky White, who killed herself during a police chase, more details have emerged about how the couple managed to stay under the radar for more than a week.

Dramatic police footage captured the moment a nationwide manhunt ended in Indiana earlier this week after White, an inmate serving a 75-year sentence for attempted murder, was taken into custody and the body of his 56-year-old lover years old, Mrs. White, was pulled out of a wrecked vehicle. She died of what a coroner ruled was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A chilling 911 call issued after the crash revealed that Mrs. White told the capital murder suspect, “Let’s get out and run.” She also seemed to blame White for wanting to stay “in a damn motel” moments before her accident.

The investigation into the ordeal is still ongoing as police face mounting questions about how the fugitives evaded capture for more than a week.


Everything we know about the dead Alabama prison officer and the murder suspect he disappeared with

The US Marshals Service captured Casey White on Monday of last week after receiving a tip about the couple’s Indiana location: Casey White and prison guard Vicky White.

In the wake of Casey White’s 10-day prison break, made possible with the help of the correctional officer, who killed himself during a police chase, more details have emerged about how the pair managed to stay under the radar for so long.

Read more about what we know about the case so far:

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From Employee of the Year to Fugitive: Unanswered Questions Vicky White Takes to Her Grave

Former mother-in-law Frances White and her longtime colleague, Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly, tell rachel sharp why the community is struggling to reconcile the model employee and “really nice person” they knew with Vicky White, who was at the center of a dramatic and fatal manhunt.

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Casey White devastated when prison guard Vicky White’s ‘wife’ is buried

Casey White is devastated by the loss of his “wife” in prison, after Vicky White shot herself Monday as police approached the couple during a car chase.

“I spoke to him yesterday and he was crying and saying he couldn’t believe she was gone,” said Connie Moore, Mr. White’s mother, adding that Mrs. White was “very, very good to him, she was just there for him, talking to him. They had something real.”

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Recordings of police phone calls show relationship between guard Vicky White and Alabama inmate Casey White

Recorded jail phone calls between Vicky White and Casey White help prove the prison guard was having a relationship with the Alabama inmate before the two went on the run, according to police.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said: “You think you know someone. And it turns out you don’t really know them at all.”

Read Josh Marcus’ full story here:

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Vicky White’s family remains in disbelief at prison break

Vicky White’s ex-mother-in-law has said she “can’t understand” why the “really nice” person she knew for most of her life would have run off with a dangerous inmate before shooting herself to death.

Frances White said the independent that “it just makes you sick” to learn that the 56-year-old prison officer who was once married to her son ended up at the center of a well-planned prison break and nationwide manhunt with a convict accused of stabbing a 58 year old boy. -old mother of two children until death.

“This just makes you sick. I can’t understand why she did this,” she said.

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What a 911 call reveals about Vicky White’s final moments

The audio, released Tuesday night, reveals the 56-year-old’s final moments and the last words she said to Casey Cole White, the 38-year-old convict whom she allegedly helped escape from jail and gave himself up to. the leak for 10 days.

The Whites, who are neither related nor married and are said to have been in a relationship for the past two years, were finally located in Evansville, Indiana, on Monday following a nationwide manhunt.

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LOOK: The moment when the police caught Casey and Vicky White

Dramatic police footage has been released of the moment capital murder suspect Casey Cole White was captured and the body of his mistress, prison guard Vicky White, was carried from her vehicle with a gun still drawn.

The Evansville Police Department shared the footage Tuesday night as the coroner ruled the 56-year-old correctional officer’s death a suicide and the 38-year-old career criminal was sent back to Alabama to face charges.

Body camera footage shows the moment fugitive Casey White is captured

Shocking 911 audio also revealed that Mrs. White was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher at the time of the crash and urged her lover of two years to “let’s get out and run” moments before apparently shooting herself in the head.

For more context on the images, here’s our story.

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What’s next for Casey White after the new arrest?

Prosecutors have not ruled out the possibility that Alabama fugitive Casey White could face charges in the prison death of his mistress, Vicky White.

“I intend to prosecute him for both the capital murder and hit-and-run and other related charges that we’re looking at,” he said.

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ICYMI: Everything we know about the dead Alabama prison officer and the murder suspect he disappeared with

Want the whole story of how Vicky White and Casey White met in prison, ran from the law, and got caught?

This is a great place to start.

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What happened in the Connie Ridgeway murder, the 2015 case linked to Casey White’s jailbreak?

Casey White and Vicky White’s escape from an Alabama county jail has again drawn attention to a nearly decade-old stabbing.

In 2015, Connie Ridgeway, a 58-year-old mother of two, was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Rogersville, Alabama.

The case went unsolved for five years until White sent a letter to the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office confessing to the crime in 2020.

During a subsequent interview with authorities, he allegedly gave details about the crime that had not been made public and that only the killer could have known.

He was charged with two counts of capital murder in 2020.

Prosecutors say he was paid to carry out the hit on his victim. It is not clear how much money he earned.

After confessing to the murder, White initially pleaded guilty before changing his plea to not guilty due to mental illness.

His trial is scheduled to begin in June, and if convicted, he faces the death penalty.

rachel sharp had this story about all the details of the 2015 case.

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