West committed to ‘suicide’ experimenting with ‘great replacement’

During his opening speech to parliament, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán criticized the West for engaging in mass migration policies and claimed that Western countries were experimenting with a “great replacement”.

Prime Minister Orbán was sworn in as the leader of the Hungarian government for the fifth time this week and spoke on several issues in his speech to parliament, including commenting on Western Europe’s mass migration policies.

According to Orbán, the West is immersed in a “suicide wave” and stated that Western countries were “experimenting with the great replacement program”, referring to the theory of population exchange and demographic changes coined by the French writer Renaud Camus, daily The Figaro reports.

According to Orbán, the replacement program “wants to replace endangered Christian children with migrants from other civilizations,” and he stated that he views gender ideology the same way, referring to it as “madness.”

“Brussels is abusing its powers every day and trying to impose bad and foreign things on us,” Orbán said, adding: “But we are not going to give up our border protection.”

“We will not allow migrants to enter, we will protect our families and we will not allow gender activists to enter our schools,” he said.

Orbán has been a critic of mass migration in Western Europe for years, going so far as to claim in 2018 that mass migration was a threat to women’s rights.

Last year, Orbán claimed that the migration agenda was part of a broader plan to create a “new proletariat,” saying: “The West…just doesn’t want to stay. Let’s not beat around the bush: certain civilizations are capable of reproducing; Western civilization can’t reproduce, so much so that they can’t decide if this is a problem at all.”

“And there are others who feel the problem of declining demographics and want to migrate. They believe that foreign peoples from distant lands should move and that would stop the population decline. But the mass migration…the millions of people that have been drawn here, is basically a global plan to introduce the new proletariat,” she said.

The “Great Replacement” theory great replacement in French, has been gaining traction in France in recent years and was often invoked by former presidential candidate Eric Zemmour during the first round of this year’s presidential race.

A poll from November last year revealed that half of the French public believe in the Great Replacement, the theory that mass migration and demographic changes are being orchestrated by elites who see human beings as replaceable units in what Camus describes. as “undifferentiated human matter”. ”

“The change of people and civilization for the good of the industry of man, the economic system that produces the Undifferentiated Human Matter, the human Nutella, spreadable at will”, Camus said Breitbart London in November 2018.

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